David Foster Wallace on postmodernism: a video essay

The above video and the text contents of this post say most of it, so I won’t reiterate. However, I will say that the video is better than a lot of shit that I’ve recently seen on the Internet.

When I read both “Conversations with David Foster Wallace” and “Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story“, I found how Wallace had always been into finding out – not necessarily the truth – but what matters, and as such, how caring, wisdom, love and true, meaningful human interaction are at the heart of things. I don’t think Wallace came to conclude that based on hard, cold facts, but life and thinking like a motherfucker, much like de Beauvoir and Sartre did. I just refer to those two as that’s partly what I got from this book.

I really like the examples of “Parks & Recreation” and “The Daily Show“, which can actually use cynical arguments, in a very human, and ultimately non-cynical way.

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