The past week in pictures

A colleague who had been on vacation had his working desk refurbished.

Ordered the wondrous William Schaff’s famous From Black Sheep Boys to Bill Collectors, seemingly an epic photographical frame – including a custom-made twelve-inch vinyl by Jason Molina! Yowza.

I finished reading Laurence Rees’ absolutely astonishingly collated and written new book, named The Holocaust: A New History, which is a bit of a misnomer to me. The book is 5/5, that’s what I give it in grades.

As I now cannot take reading about atrocities, I’m instead reading a biography of Jeremy Brett, named Bending The Willow. So far, two thirds into the book, it’s remarkably well-written, on a hero who is to me the one true Sherlock Holmes. His mental illness is detailed in a human and loving way. Brett seems to have been a gentleman and gentle man, to paraphrase Brett somewhat (when speaking of a different matter, in character).

Blanck Mass‘ new album, World Eater, is highly recommended. Ambient, electronic noise and electrical rattlings abound: it’s experimentally made and very good. Just hear the two first tracks (ambient and noisy plane-ride through distorted synths, respectively) and you’ll get the gist. You can listen some here:

My colleague Michael helped this shot by parlaying the oddity and extreme fear that some single-person rooms in our new company digs give off.

Saw Nightmare On Elm Street for the first time in ages. Wow. Pretty funny. I only jumped once, when basically nothing happened.

Yesterday Mia and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Cheers to us! Or rather, cheers to Mia for still, somehow, putting up with me! We ate, we walked, we shopped two more copies of Morrissey’s only venture into the fictional literary world…

Anyway… Some more Twin Peaks fan stuff reminds me that it’s only two months until the new season is premiered. My fucking God. It’s really happening.

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