Waking up at 4am: from Clapton to Hanson

Woke up at 4am. Not being able to go back to sleep is not really an issue at all, but the combination of these two things really is:

  • inexplicably having Eric Clapton’s “Tears in heaven” looping in my head – WHY?
  • even more inexplicably having the image of Eric Clapton’s murky dad style from that unplugged gig that revived his career suddenly burned into my head, and did he intentionally try to fuck up the coolness that people like Kurt Cobain, James Dean and The Log Lady granted the cardigan?

Even weirder – but far more welcome – is how that horrid song, during my writing this, I started morphing into Hanson’s “Mmmbop”. Yes please. More of that sunshine pop, let it forever melt away the old maniness that is Clapton, yes, California sunshine – I’ve never been to California but the prejudiced image from that Hanson video will do – mmmbop, a-dawa-doo, doo – somehow it segues into Hanson’s other single, “Where’s the love?” which is not as good as “Mmmbop” but has some good harmonies and an ok pop chorus.
This early morning experience actually turned out quite well.

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