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I’ve made a new playlist. It’s Friday, bitches!! Get up! Info follows below the embeds.

I’ve no idea from where I got word to check that Ronstadt/Neville track, and as a whole I don’t think it works, but the start…their voices, especially Neville’s, just…work. The lyrics are like the song as a whole; parts of it are emo, parts good. I mean:

Look at this face I know the years are showing.
Look at this life I still don’t know where it’s going.

I don’t know much but I know I love you.
That may be all I need to know.

Look at these eyes they never seen what matters.
Look at these dreams so beaten and so battered.

I don’t know much but I know I love you.
That may be all I need to know.

Unintentionally, I framed it with Scout Niblett‘s duet with Will Oldham that’s sweet; the simple reverbed guitar with the strings and their intermingled voices; it’s basically a Niblett track in essence. Reminds me of Songs: Ohia.

ShitKid is Åsa Söderqvist; she’s so far released EPs and the LP has just been announced. This track – “Sugar Town” – is fucking great. Poppy, drugged, simple.

Avantgardet is a strange creature. Even though they seem real/fake back and forth, their songs can be very strong. Even if you don’t understand Swedish, the melodies on this track, “Hög i gränder“, are something sweet.

Speaking of melody, but in the extreme, Elliott Smith fucking ruled; this song, “Everything Means Nothing To Me“, has somehow always told me a lot about him. As to whether that’s true or not is something completely different. I love how Smith could build a track from nothing and basically built songs that are so strong that his reputation as one of the best songwriters this side of the millennium is cemented.

The playlist turns to the harder side with Urochromes – a band that tries too hard but whose efforts work regardless – Hanin Elias (bless her forever) and Stooges, but with Jennie Abrahamson‘s sweet, solemn, 1980s-ish synthy track and her smooth, Robyn-esque vocals – that’s some good shit. Framed by an ambient track and Sun Kil Moon‘s “Philadelphia Cop” where he remembers David Bowie and chastigates Sean Penn, comparing his “friend” with Anders Breivik:

Bowie’s face kept repeating over, and over, and over, and over again
A video of one of my earliest heroes laying in a hospital bed
And more and more, Sean Penn shaking hands with El Chapo
That motherfucker killed ten times more people than Jim Fucking Jones
That motherfucker killed more people than that
Plus Waco
That motherfucker killed more people than that crazy fuck did on the Norwegian island Utøya and Oslo

Also Sun Kil Moon’s angry as usual:

You got the brains to be the next Norman Mailer
You got the longevity to be the next Elizabeth Taylor
You got the class to be the next James fucking Spader
You got the swagger to be the next Stiv fucking Bator
But are you sitting on the toilet staring at your phone like a perfectly tailored, made-to-order puppet

I ain’t no one’s puppet, I ain’t no one’s puppet, I ain’t no one’s puppet, I ain’t no one’s puppet

I ain’t no one’s fucking puppet, I ain’t no one’s fucking puppet, I ain’t no one’s fucking puppet, I ain’t no one’s fucking puppet

I’d tell him to chill the fuck out and sit the hell down but I’ve got a fair guess coming on what he’d tell me.

Here’s a track NOT included in the playlist – SHOCKER!!

Even though the sound is pretty much shit, it’s just lovely to see the band playing it live, with the track’s growth.

On that note, here’s Nick Cave on meeting and working with Blixa Bargeld (the singer in Nebauten) and how the latter hid how he actually knew English but didn’t want to speak it. Fucking brilliant:

OK, back on the playlist track: the band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever has released an EP that’s about the best melodic indie I’ve heard since Voxtrot.

I can only highly recommend hearing the entire EP. It’s been some time since I last heard a record that’s been so strong throughout.

And we’re ending with Primal Scream‘s cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain‘s “Darklands“, one of my all-time fave blues tracks. Dunno if it’s such a cover as Bobby Gillespie (frontman of Primal Scream) used to be part of JAMC, but still. Psych!

I ended the playlist with Broder Daniel. As Henrik Berggren, the frontman, is actually going to release his solo album1 this must have sprung into my little mind. To me, this is kind of…a hommage to concrete suburbs that we dream of escaping when we’re young. The reverb, the guitars, the voice. At the 03:18 mark into the track, Berggren sings his fucking heart into the mic, and it shows. This could very well be my favourite Broder Daniel track, and I’ll let it ring out.

  1. Which, to indie Swedes, is about as belated and sung as “Chinese Democracy” and My Bloody Valentine’s albums of “late”.[back]
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