Easter food, film and music

OK, that’s not all but I’ve not got patience nor pics to say more about food. I’ve been too into watching films – “Manchester By The Sea” is extremely overrated if you ask me, and yes, I’ve seen “Fifty Shades Darker” which deserves 0 or possibly 1 point out of 10, mainly for being creepier and actually written even worse than the first film – and doing nothing much at all. Also, let it be known that I really want to see Olivier Assayas’ “Personal Shopper“, his second film with Kirsten Stewart. I love Assayas, ever since his “Summer Hours“. I really liked “Clouds of Sils Maria“.

Also getting deeply into black metal, thanks to P3 Dokumentär and the book “Blod Eld Död” by Ika Johannesson and Jon Jefferson Klingberg1. I will write more about this in a relatively short while, but I can say that Abruptum, Dismember‘s “Like An Everflowing Stream” (really death metal, but whatever) and Darkthrone – notably their “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” – are currently what’s up.

So to compensate, here’s a black metalish picture of Blixa; may I also add that the more ugly, the less pretty the quality is, the more black metal something is. I’ll probably get nailed to an upside-down-turned cross by someone who listens far too much to Mayhem, Shining, or Dissection because of this.

  1. Which is due for a release in English, in 2018[back]
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