Cats and Jim Jones

As you see, I have finished building the wooden cat that Uno gave me. It took about a bleeding hour! Yes, those are left-over pieces at the cat’s bottom feet…

Speaking of cats, the above is Blixa yesterday evening. Our little diver. I like to think she’s feeling safe.

I’m currently reading Jeff Guinn’s “The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple“, a brand-new book on Jim Jones’ sect and what became of it. Brilliant, the first 40 pages, anyway. Reading about Jones’ mother and father, their relationship, puts an entirely new spin on things for me. It explains some, I wager. Guinn’s strength is in his research and explanatory ways. It’s a simple read. A lazy read. And it’s interesting. So far, this book is even better than his book on Charles Manson, which is a book that I liked.

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