Stubbetorp + guitar

Visited Mia’s friend Johan’s magnificent place on the countryside last Sunday. I borrowed my mate Michael’s car and sped off. Turbo – I dig it.1 It was very, very calming and nice. The horses! One of them pushed and bit, but couldn’t get a piece of me. The dogs ran everywhere and were very cuddly. Johan pampered us and everything was very nice. As usual, I could have driven Mia around all day.

Now it’s time for an extended weekend. May 1st is a holiday in Sweden. Can’t wait to sleep and play my new guitar. Oh, did I mention it before? I didn’t.

Having owned a Gibson Les Paul copy for more than two decades…it’s brilliant to finally own a Gibson. Brilliant.

  1. I feel like Cyrus from “The Warriors writing that.[back]
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