Chris Cornell on seeing Einstürzende Neubauten live: “if only all rock shows could be like that”

I love when somebody shows as much enthusiasm for a live gig as Chris Cornell did when he explained what seeing Einstürzende Neubauten play live felt like. From it, with the entire video clip below the quote:

The sun set behind them so you couldn’t see them any more, they were just silhouettes. Then they set the stage on fire with these oily rags, and black smoke started filling up the sky with the mountains behind it. And then people [were] freaking out, that it [the stage] was gonna burn down… I got this real sense of you don’t know what’s gonna happen, it’s primal, there’s danger, you’ve never seen anything like it before. That’s something I would hold up and say ‘oh god, if only all rock shows could be like that’.

And then there’s Neubauten live, which is something that’s changed a lot over the more than three decades that they’ve been around. I’ll exemplify this some:

Here’s Sogo Ishii’s wondrous 16-minute video capture of the band in 1986:

Here’s an entire video of a gig in Hamburg, Germany, from February 2017:

Also, German TV has made at least one documentary on Blixa Bargeld; the start of this one, “Mein Leben“, contains quite a few bizarre and wonderful cuts of youth, Blixa overall and also, the documentary even contains cuts of Blixa with his mom:

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