Morrissey’s most current “tail”: nationalists and vigilantes

In light of recent Morrissey events, this was today posted on Facebook by a person who is close to Morrissey:

I have obfuscated the pictured person’s face along with other identifying details, but otherwise, the post is verbatim.

There is no mention of this incident having been reported to the local authorities, which is a shame; even if a suspected offender is, in fact, a police officer, the local authorities should be more than interested in knowing about it.

However, will justice take place if one hangs a person out to dry on the Internet, allowing that person—guilty or not, of some purported crime—to become subject to highly questionable critique from persons who cannot know whether the purported incident has actually has taken place? Not likely.

Did the person who wrote the post experience this first hand or hear it from another person? Has anybody vetted the contents somehow? I could not see any Facebook comments questioning what had actually happened.

Is this not a bit akin to Donald Trump posting belligerent stuff on Twitter, proffering abuse while spawning hatred? Morrissey and those close to him do have quite a platform to shout from, with many followers. Imagine what could happen if this person is identified. Most likely, any Google search for his name will display the above. Just imagine what it would feel like if you were him and applied for a job, knowing your possible employer would very likely search for your name on the Internet to see what that generated. Would it not be correct to report this person to the authorities, instead of subjecting everybody to this?

Naturally, any police that does wrong should be subjected to criticism, and they should just as naturally be reported to the authorities if they do anything wrong (for which they should be reported).

As I started reading the comments on this Facebook thread, I saw some distinguishing comments that merely a few years ago would rarely, if ever, have been commonplace among fans of Morrissey or The Smiths, for example, these:

Also, someone had linked to this image:


Vile, racistic, and nationalistic trash, displayed for the world to see. Without any kind of vetting or questioning so far, I may add.

When individuals start posting personal information like this to the Internet and seemingly do not even spend a single thought about what would happen if they themselves would be hung out like this, we are in a drab place.

And by the way, whatever happened to “it takes guts to be gentle and kind”?

Educated criminals…are cowards, if they slander people on the Internet. We can be better than this, people. Stand up tall.

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3 Responses to “Morrissey’s most current “tail”: nationalists and vigilantes”

  1. Rob Cox Says:

    Italian is not a race. Therefore there is ass all racist in any of it.

    You are doing the exact thing you have just chastised him for. i.e. you stated racism. There ain’t any is there?

    Have a word with yourself.

  2. Niklas Pivic Says:

    My concern is the use of the derogatory term "gypsy"; its use is racistic.

  3. JP Kavanagh Says:

    "Lot's of people" filmed it, did they? It would be all over the internet by now.

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