Kykuit: Rockefeller replicas

Persons performing manual labour: restoring the “Oceania” fountain on the Rockefeller-owned estate named Kykuit, in New York, USA.

The Rockefeller family made their super-wealth through oil. Though their self-proclaimed philanthropy seems genuine, I think it is noteworthy that this image seems to be a metaphor for their lives, in several ways, and I’m not trying to be funny about their personal tragedies.

This fountain is a replica of an original that resides in Italy. There are several replicas of artwork on this Rockefeller estate. When David Rockefeller donated a Mirò painting to MoMA – an institution which partly was founded by another Rockefeller – he missed it so much that he had a replica made.

There are entire grottos on Kykuit which have been replicated from existing ones, including stalagmites from caves in other continents; a tour guide informed us what the cost per ton was.

Andy Warhol was once commissioned to create a silkscreen portrait of Happy Rockefeller, using his famous copying technique.

The Rockefeller family partly own the Central Bank of the USA. They still own large parts of the USA, economically speaking, generation after generation. A replica follows a replica of a replica. And we do, too, in their footsteps. Austerity cannot last for much longer, thank Bog.

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