Jeremy Brett and Sherlock Holmes

About a week ago, as Mia and I walked down Warren Street in New York City, we came across Mysterious Bookshop, at number 58.

Most of those who know me, are aware of my freakishly bizarre liking of Sherlock Holmes, first and foremost via the Canon by Arthur Conan Doyle, closely followed by the Granada TV series of Holmes’s adventures, starring Jeremy Brett.

At Mysterious Bookshop there’s an enormous section entirely devoted to Holmes. I found the book above, “Granada’s Greatest Detective“, which I hadn’t been aware of. It’s by Keith Frankel and was published in 2016. What a little miracle it is.

I’ve read a quarter of it, through ultra-critical lenses, and so far it’s superb. The writer has a very keen sense of all things Holmes, constantly comparing the canon with the screenplay, and also of how much Brett and Burke, the later acting as the first Watson of the Granada production, actually had to chime in with all of it. It was a lot.

That’s merely a trivial novelty from the book, with the Paget illustration culled from The Strand Magazine, via Leslie S. Klinger’s obligatory “The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes” which I urge you to purchase as soon as possible.

I just read a lovely stanza from Frankel’s book, one that I keenly remember from the TV series:

Go see the series. Now. There are episodes up on sites like YouTube. Also, buy both Frankel’s book and the below; it may save your faculties entirely:

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