Seven Stories Press: meeting them in New York City

As I’m now reading Chavisa Woods’s “Things To Do When You’re Goth In The Country & Other Stories” I come across a page on how a character wants to visit New York City.

About a month ago, I went to New York City and suddenly, while in the hotel room, thought of Seven Stories Press, a publisher I really like. Weren’t they in New York City? Yes, they were. Mia and I had decided to go south of the Meatpacking district, and SSP were just en route to where we were going.

So we found their address, and I went in. Said hi and spoke with a nice guy who was an intern. Roughly twenty silent persons glanced up at me as I said I was a fan from Sweden who just happened to swing by and wanted to tell them about the great work I thought they were doing. The intern listened kindly and allowed me to say my shit. I kind of hoped they’d sell books but didn’t, but I was allowed to take any book from their shelves. So kind. So I took this Woods book.

Go peruse their shit. They’ve got books for kids, too.

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