Automating the working class away: an effect of capitalism

I just wrote what’s below after having read the article above; click the image to read it.

I recall listening to an episode of the BBC radio chat series named “Start The Week” about a year ago. One of the speakers was an automation expert, and had partaken at a major European summit on automation. Also there was a CEO for a major car-building company. He stated how the technology to automate nearly all of the car-building process in their company was in place, but if they were to switch the button to do so, it would “wipe out the middle class”. I think this statement, the power, how capitalism leads to oligarchy and plutocracy, means that we have to start dismantling our constant race for profit. Remember how Alan Greenspan spoke about how “worker insecurity” is one of the main building blocks for having a rich elite. And we’re there now. Let’s build against it. And don’t be afraid to destroy; Einst├╝rzende Neubauten once stated “Destruction is not negative. You have to destroy in order to build.”

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