Fight Club – the vinyl reissue by Mondo

About six months before the film “Fight Club” came to Sweden, I bought the album on CD, knowing The Dust Brothers had made the soundtrack. As such, I listened the shit out of the album before seeing the film, and I still come back to this music. Imagine that Brad Pitt and Edward Norton wanted David Fincher to have Radiohead do the soundtrack instead… I’m very happy about all this. Weird samples everywhere, great drums, strange sounds altogether, doing wonders with the film.

So, I recently got hold of the Mondo reissue of the soundtrack on vinyl. It’s worth every cent. The vinyl sound is brilliant for the music, it really is.

I love the fact that one has to destroy something beautiful to open this album.

This IKEA-rebranded MONDÖ piece of art.

Most people who are OCD geeks can probably not stand the picture just above this line. “It’s destroyed!” No, bitches! Like Blixa Bargeld said, destruction is not negative, you have to destroy in order to build (if not from scratch, I reckon).

This is one of my favourite details of the entire package. DO NOT.

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