Wancher Dream Pen

A few years back was the first time I contacted Taizo Okagaki at Engeika, and ended up buying this Platinum #3776 Maki-E which remains one of my most-loved fountain pens.

Now, he’s recently kicked off this Kickstarter campaign to make what is doubtedly called “Dream Pen”:

While the video really says it all, it comes down to this: eliminate “middlemen” and ads, and have artisans create a classic urushi-style fountain pen which blows your mind off. So get in.

Also, how fucking cool/geeky is Taizo? He’s a hero, that’s what.

Even though I like the idea of the maki-e version of the Wancher Dream Pen, I think this one hits everything right on the head:

I love the “Tamenuri Red”. It reminds me of the Platinum Izumo Biwatame Urushi fountain pen, even though I actually like the colour of the Dream Pen more.

Also: the above is apparently called a “pen pillow”. I have to have one. Some day.

Some times I wonder whether being deeply into fountain pens is worse than being a heroin abuser, but as I don’t think a real definition can be drawn, I’ll just settle with the thought that fucking pens can’t ruin my life completely. Cut to the part of my life where I’m alone in a shed with five-hundred pens and no love.

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