SingStar with friends

Björn and Mia
Björn – inadvertently doing his best Ian Brown-imitation – and Mia, wylding out.

Friday was amazing.

Not only did most friends who visited do so for the first time, but were forced to SingStar the night away with us. People didn’t leave until half past four in the morning, and I stayed till the very end!

Mia, the love of my life, and I made a little starter consisting of baguette, olive oil, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil leaf. Simple. Perfect.

Tessa and her boyfriend Tomas came by for the first time, as did Jenny and Erika. Björn showed up a little later and we doused the night in splendid, extremely funny, interesting, nonsensical and varied conversation, dancing and singing, of course. This was, after all, a party in the sign of SingStar.

We ate a little, drank some and just plain partied. It was refreshing to end the working week in this fashion.

SingStar Queen helped a bit, I’ll tell you. I love Queen. I think a lot of people carry their torch as a guilty pleasure, but I don’t. They were great, apart from a whole bunch of duff songs. OK, so “Flash” isn’t on this title, but really, who thought it was going to be? As Björn said, it’s comprised of the chorus, but mostly of seemingly random quotes from the film and sound-effects. Singing “Don’t Stop Me Now” with Björn was a complete highlight and hearing him and Erika sing “Who Wants To Live Forever?” was so bitter-sweet.

When the night ended, it was 04:30 in the morning, and I was very happy. Not too much, not too little. And it was all love. Here’s a glass raised to friends, you guys make it all worth it. Here’s the obligatory slide-show:

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2 Responses to “SingStar with friends”

  1. Zak Says:

    Looks like I picked the wrong party to miss out on but I really was knackered! As for Queen well they can never be wrong, I’ve been in love with them since I heard them as a wee kid living in England in the late 70’s/early 80’s, we will rock you was the perfect anthem for a kid like myself!:D Looking forward to a shot at it next time the part’s on, then again I just might have to buy it myself!

  2. Niklas Says:

    Of course you’ll have to join in next time ’round! That Queen record was a smash. I think a whole lotta people who claim only to like their 80s hits will have a tough time defending how come they know every single word to songs like “Tie Your Mother Down“.

    By the way it’s excellent fun to see people rock out when the guitar hits in ye olde “We Will Rock You“. 😀

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