Spotify mixtape #5: blizzdow

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We meet again!

It’s time for another round of Spotify shakedown. Don’t worry by the way, mixtape #4 isn’t gone. It’s here. I just didn’t have the time to do anything about it.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead continues to rule with this odd track that’s off what’s probably my fave album of theirs, “Worlds Apart“, which is available at a ridiculously low price everywhere. This is a little prejudiced view of Russian music, but it’s so pretty and neat.

Contrasting this – which has always been a fave thing of mine when compiling mixtapes, DJing and everything like that – is Fattaru, a Swedish rap-outfit from the south part of Stockholm city. This song propelled them to stardom in Sweden, and they’re virtually unknown outside this city. Marcus “Mackan” Price is, however, getting known internationally through his other outfit that’s known as Basutbudet.

Jonathan Richman has been around for ages. He influenced everybody from Ramones to Blondie and I-don’t-know. I remember seeing the extremely important, old documentary-series titelled “Dancing In The Streets” by the jolly old BBC, where Richman sat talking about a girl he saw at Boston University, but wait, a few years later, when I started listening to The Modern Lovers, I realised that he was actually reciting what he experienced when young through a lyric from one of their albums! It freaked me! And their first album is great. The Sex Pistols covered this track, “Roadrunner“, which is added to the cash-in record label album “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle“.

Speaking of influencing, Vaselines really made Kurt Cobain go bonkers, even covering this track – “Son Of A Gun” – for their live gigs and so forth. I like the simplicity that this duo brings. And I remember seeing Belle & Sebastian live in Circus in Stockholm, where one of the opening acts was a guy with sunglasses and a guitar, saying he was in The Vaselines. I freaking cried out loud while it seemed people were just taking it easy. Sick! He was still doing it. Even though the Sub Pop compilation “The Way of the Vaselines: A Complete History” is a great way to start, followers might enjoy “Enter the Vaselines“, released this year; it unveils a lot of demos for those inclined to worship at the altar of all music complete.

Hence, the next logical step ought to be that of Nirvana, who really destroyed every shred of disbelief from people who used to think they were opportunists by releasing the Steve Albini-produced “In Utero“, where “tourette’s” is both a tour-de-force and incomprehensible. I love this.

Public Enemy rips up a lot of years of culture through the voice of Chuck D, not to mention the high level of funkiness that Terminator X and Flavor Flav brought through the music, the hype and politics. Their stamina and strength cannot be measured at times and hell, this is such a time. The album “Power to the People and the Beats” is a really good start for those who haven’t gotten into them.

Okkervil River, a personal favourite band, created a deeply profound, and at the same time melodic and gently poetic, violent and protruding album through “Black Sheep Boy” – this is sublime yet strong, standing on its own fours.

Crush With Eyeliner” is drowsy, like a slow summer’s day where you feel stale sweat on your every part and you just want to sever yourself from reality and float upstream without any effort. Thurston Moore’s guitar-solo rocks.

Watching Explosions In The Sky live is a rare thing. Their brand of melodic, ethereal and light-yet-hard guitar-based pluckings to reverb-laden sound is a real treat. Builds, builds, builds.

Liars is a band I’ve yet to discover. I saw thirty seconds of the video for this song yesterday, while flipping through channels. This reminded me of Queens Of The Stone Age, but it’s not at all the same thing; just listen to their “Horseclouds” from the same album to note the difference. What makes me like this track is the whiny voice, and I don’t know why.

ZZ Top is a band that my beloved friend Jesper often used to listen to. Somehow, they combined rock ‘n’ roll with e-bowed guitars and classic cars in a way that enticed him beyond repair. Besides, this song is great.

Atari Teenage Riot is a band I’ve often written about. Nearly their entire back-catalogue is available through Spotify, so check it out. I recommend “Delete Yourself!” to begin with. Revolution action.

After all the hardness that some of the prior tracks bring, listening to Fatboy Slim’s “Soul Surfing” is just positively irritating pià±a colada. Yes, I could probably be more vague.

To finish off is a track that ends in the middle and then re-builds, something which is discussed lovingly by Tiga in the brilliant documentary titelled “Part Of The Weekend Never Dies“. Justice as re-worked by Soulwax is weird, yet fitting. The End.

Go on, get. It’s summer time out there (here in Stockholm, at least), so what are you doing pissing about a computer?

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