The Tvålpalatset that went Drop Coffee

My mate Oskar is in the middle of renovating a place smack in the southern part of Stockholm city, i.e. the innards of my home town. Here, he’s spent months getting a place ready as 50% office space to-let, 50% café; the office space is ready, and the café is getting ready for its premiere in August. Mind you, it’s already sneak-premiered…which basically means it’s open sporadically until August, when they’ll be open 07:00-18:00! Bright and early.

In June, Tvålpalatset café closed down and Drop Coffee emerged instead. Oskar, Erik and others have spent a lot of time working on and finishing the café according to their every wish. At the time of writing, they’ve got a wall erected, separating the office space from the café, there’s a custom-made bar practically made from scratch, a sink with functioning water running and – lo and behold – a brand-new coffee-machine – but there are a lot of things waiting in the works, and I’m excited for the lads.

They’ve already got a lot of beans in place, the level of service, product quality and general fresh and comfortable feel of the café as a whole make me think this place could very well grow to be as lovely as Tvålpalatset was until the day it closed, rest its little soul. Drop Coffee will – apart from coffee, duh – be selling a variety of coffee-related items, e.g. the AeroPress, beans (whole as well as ground), et.c.

Below you’ll find an assortment of pictures surrounding Drop Coffee, all taken by photographer/barista Alexander Ruas, who’s actually created this flickr set of pictures documenting the creation of Drop Coffee.

Erik and Oskar building away
Building away; they’ve come a long way since

Some of the bean-bags
Some bean-bags available1

Erik and Oskar at Da Matteo
Erik and Oskar at Da Matteo, trying out blends

Gazing in at Drop Coffee
Gazing in at Drop Coffee

  1. Which, according to Alexander Ruas, are “Tekangu, Kenya and Aricha, Ethiopia from Tim Wendelboe and Lagoa, Brazil from da Matteo”.[back]
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