Send myself to sleep

I have a penchant for not going to sleep when I should. The effect of sleep deprivation on me is easy to spot: I think I have a situation under control when I evidently don’t.

When I’m awakened in the middle of the night for any reason, I should be able to figure out whether I’m too bent out of shape to talk coherently and just say so, but instead I start mumbling, saying moronic things; at the time I think I’m making sense, but there’s definitely no sense there…

I hate plaguing Mia when I’m like this, and I always see it clearly the day after, when I’m rested. I hate it. I hate it. Why can’t clarity be in place before I fuck up? I’d much rather just realise it as it’s about to happen and go figure. What’s wrong with me?

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2 Responses to “Send myself to sleep”

  1. simon Says:

    Try taking a domicum. It has a half-life of 2 hours so no site effects. Failing that try a strict excercise routine so that you are completely fucked before you go yo bed!.

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