Fun resource, IRC quotes is a site that collects quotes off IRC. It can get technical, but mostly it’s understandable by most. It covers a lot more things than just plain jokes. Since the average age group who converse through IRC seem to be small, this reflects in the poor use of language. Anyway, it’s sheer fun. Here’s one of my favourites:

Hey, you know what sucks?
Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
black holes
Hey, you know what just isn’t cool?

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4 Responses to “Fun resource, IRC quotes”

  1. K! Says:

    two scientists were talking to each other, and one says, “you take the hydroxolide and mix it with the electron.” then the other one goes, “that’s no hydroxolide, that’s my wife!”

  2. K! Says:

    two jews (non-chinese) are in a chinese restaurant. one asks the other if there are jews in china.
    the second says, i’m not sure, let’s ask the waiter.
    waiter arrives, one asks, “are there any chinese jews?” waiter says no
    they press him, ask him to inquire of the owner. he returns and says (get ready to groan)
    we have orange juice, prune juice, apple juice, but no chinese juice

  3. Axel Says:

    I posted this recently:

    women are like games
    no wait
    unlike women games are actually FUN

  4. Niklas Says:

    Gah! Horrid quote! All the more fun that the person who said it is laughed at in the end.

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