Ingmar Bergman and Richard Ramirez

Due to the dollar being extremely weak in Sweden, I just bought the Criterion special edition of “Fanny och Alexander“, an Ingmar Bergman film. I can’t remember it, saw it once when I was 9 years old, but I’m sure it’s good.

Today, I had the following conversation with a friend about horror films, which turned a little:

ricek00kr: i’m not watching them
ricek00kr: this is why i live in an apartment and not a house. watch too many forensic files.
npivic: Well, the interesting thing is that more violent crimes are committed in apartments than in houses. At least in the USA.
npivic: People who live on the bottom floor are the most afflicted.
ricek00kr: i don’t like ghosts either.
npivic: Remember Richard Ramirez, “The Night Stalker” in Los Angeles? He used to creep into apartments and commit the most heinous crimes.
ricek00kr: nice. no, i’m happy to say i don’t remember him.
npivic: Check him out. Anyway, go live in a house and be safer. Wasn’t that bit of statistic a kick in ye olde head? 😀
npivic: I feel utterly sadistic right now.
ricek00kr: no! houses are creepy.
ricek00kr: well, if our apartment has it’s own entrance like a house, then it’s ok.
npivic: Own entrance? That doesn’t stop a vicious killer, moahahaha.

If you haven’t heard of Ramirez yourselves, check him out through the link above. Satanist, psychopath and general derelict, he killed people in the most awful fashions, displaying very little care for his victims. It’s interesting to see psychopaths like that; repulsion and fascination plays the major part, of course.

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2 Responses to “Ingmar Bergman and Richard Ramirez”

  1. K! Says:

    its not it’s!
    why didn’t you edit it! no apostrophe!
    never chat with a chat logger.

  2. Niklas Says:

    No capital letters, question marks or knowledge that not everything you ever write to a person gets quoted, makes K a very sad ricek00kr. Besides, you’re hidden behind pseudonyms. No worries!

    Chats are automatically logged when using Trillian. Check it out!

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