New wear, dinner and crazy neighbour strikes again

After work yesterday, I met up with Mikaela and Frederic in the centre of Stockholm city, to get myself a new pair of shoes. I love Campers, but the two pairs I’ve had haven’t lasted a year before both soles have cracked open horizontally; both pairs! So, we went to Nilsons and NK. Nilsons have carried Campers, but not now. I did, however, find a pair of Docker’s, a brand I’ve never wore but they looked nice (some will probably say they look like Campers – which they do) and after that we went to NK to see if there were competition. There wasn’t. The closest thing approximating what I was looking for, were Timberlands, but they’re extremely boring, at least the models they had in store, the ones every brat wears come this time of year. Gah. I did, however, venture into Paul & Friends, a quite well-stocked store as they carry an assortment of bizarre, lovely Paul Smith shirts. I’m an utter sucker for them, can pay any price as long as the shirt’s nice, and this time I did find a lovely one actually in a size that’s good to me, as I’ve shrunk some the past 8 months. So I bought a new shirt, and Frederic expanded his sock collection (!) by adding a pair of black Paul Smith sporting a kitty posing in front of a big apple, on each of the socks. Extremely weird, very cool.

Here are a few pictures of the buys of the day and also the sole of one of my shoes. No soul. Bwaa. Ehrm.

Having bought all we needed we went home to us, where Mikaela made a fabolous chicken saltimbocca, white Penfold’s wine was served, and we stuffed our faces with crisp bread, on top of which we spread hummus. The love! We then watched the final of “Idol” which is the Swedish equivalent of the American “Pop Idol”, where the Swedes have attempted to copy the American version into detail: the jury is “mean” (or just plain drab, depending on your intellectual point of view, of course), they show the worst and the best of the crop. This evening, the battle was final, between Darin, a student with a silky, extremely good voice, and Daniel, a Mick Hucknall lookalike, with a voice that ranges from loud to very loud.

I think you can tell which one I rooted for.

Who didn’t win.

I think mainstream Sweden just goes with the floe of drabness. I’m sorry to say it, but if you couldn’t hear that Darin was superior to Daniel, I’m sorry, you just don’t know much about music. This does not mean I feel I’m a superior musical being to most, but that this theory just goes hand in hand with a previous post of mine, on this subject, so all of you thinking “but Daniel looked nice, and danced well (?), just shut the hell up.

I must add that Mikaela and I woke up this morning from our upstairs neighbour (the one I’ve written about, who yells, harks and basically behaves like a banshee at irregular periods). He screamed and yelled like hell, probably at somebody on our street. We have no idea of what he actually tried to convey, but he also probably suffered from that conundrum.

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