The Magnetic Fields live in Stockholm, 2010

Just four mere days after popping up in Sweden after Mia’s and my trip to Oklahoma/Texas – dubbed and mostly well-known as OKLAHOMA & TEXAS MAGIC HOLIDAY – and having spent a collected number of three days at my new work-place, Mia and I went to see The Magnetic Fields live at Filadelfiakyrkan.

The seats and instruments on-stage were arranged in a half-moon. Due to ticket-issues, many a person had no seating arrangements printed on their ticket and hence sat anywhere they would, until ousted from their seats by people with their seating arranged there. People everywhere.

No supporting act, thank you very much. I often find this a relief.

The band came on and played a good selection of songs, many of which were lifted from “69 Love Songs” and “i“, to my joy. It was brilliant hearing tracks like “Tongue-Tied” (which I at the time was not familiar with) “100,000 Fireflies“:

Before exiting they played “Papa Was A Rodeo“, which I didn’t want to record; it was just destined to stay emblazoned in my mind as a chimera, and despite it being a popular favourite, it was subtly played and brought tears. A solemn and pretty gig.

I often consider The Magnetic Fields to be masters of writing violent and emotionally turbulent songs with an affluence of wit. That is also one of the reasons why I hated the idiot bunch behind us who laughed loudly at every single line of lyric, probably much louder than they would have, had they sat alone. In a way, it’s as if Stephin Merritt’s holding one hand over one of his ears during applause – due to his hyperacusis – is due comment to these people.

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