Headphones, adios!

Yesterday Mia and I swung by The Pirate Cats and I was stupid enough to not shove my headphones down in my bag properly.

Conclusion: a bit of the wire of the headphones stuck out from my bag and Frank, their bite-prone kitty, went to work.

My ear-goggles almost turned 10 years old. It feels like a burial of sorts would be proper. I’ll miss them. We shared good times. They’ve lasted through countless trips, very rough handling and probably the odd splash of various liquids. It is my firm belief that they would have handled the administration of the US government a lot better than Dubya’s (well, what wouldn’t have?).

The monarch is dead: long live the monarch; if you can spare any tips for great headphones that cover the ears entirely, sound great and don’t cost more than an expensive night out, please do comment!

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2 Responses to “Headphones, adios!”

  1. Tobit Says:

    Frankie says he's very sorry, and he'd like to use his allowance to buy you a nice new pair of headphones. A pair of Sennheisers maybe?

  2. pivic Says:

    Nooo! He shan't! It's my fault and the headphones were old!

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