Today: working, DJing, ESC

Rain’s out. Chill winds in the air. A few people out. Work. A lot of work. A hell of work. Monsoon-type.

People staring at a family of ducks.

This morning I witnessed three ducks standing together, beek-to-beek. As one quacked, the rest were silent. They took turns until they spotted me and hushed up.

Tonight’s 80s night at work. I’m DJing. So there won’t be a lot of Swedish music, but I’ve played it safe and actually brought a few albums of that. I wonder how it’ll pan out. Somehow I think I’ll be chased from the city if I play anything unexpected (which can, of course, mean any song at all) and trust me, there’s no person more intimidating than a 40-something craving to hear U2 or the Swedish epitome of darkness, Tomas Ledin. Which is why I suddenly think of starting out with playing a spot of SebastiAn…

I saw the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest play out yesterday. Sweden got knocked out! Ha! I don’t dislike the singer, but the fact that nationalism plays such an important part of these shows, to the Swedish medias; why not root for what you like the most? “Our” song was definitely NOT the best. Three cheers for Romania, then…

Now off to work again, a little less than three hours left, then playtime.

I miss Mia. God, I do.

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