USA trip Nov. 2010, part 6


Oh, just a tad hung-over, thank you very much. Slept for five hours. Bobby came down yesterday. Awesome. But first thing’s first.

After waking up, we visited Mangia, a great pizza place in Round Rock; that was really good! Had a Blanco, a thin, white flour pizza with pesto, grated cheese and tomato sauce, quite ordinary in that respect but with full taste. It was at a mall and there were few people about. A couple of high-school cheerleaders swung by in regalia, which was fun to see. Another American cultural thingy to mark off my list.

We then ventured to Goodwill, a salvation army kind of business specialising in selling second-hand clothes, some furniture and loads of nick-nacks (they actually had a section titelled “nick-nacks”), e.g. “NASCAR: Great Family Moments” along with other totems you wouldn’t believe. We got Bobby a big, ugly green cat with the most zany expression in its eyes; it’s even better than the Mona Lisa. It’ll look nice on the mantlepiece in one of his many big Hollywood houses, by Jove.

So, after we all loaded up on stuff – for example, Brian got himself cowboy boots and I a tie with monkeys on it, quite tasteful even though I know you don’t believe it – we went to a upscale-y-ish mall where you found places like Vans, Burberry and Michael Kors, and even though I found a couple of good-looking purple Vans I didn’t get them.

At Brian’s I discovered a moronic TV-series called “Rehab“, which had very little to do with that but instead with the “nightclub” activities at the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, where people drink themselves into a stupor at 11am and forth. Not very cerebral, no. And all the video sequences were spliced with pictures of tits and asses. Very tasteful. And lo and behold! They threw in a good deal of people from New Jersey in there, focusing on making those all look like “Jersey Shore” rejects.

Then into town. Darkness. Streetlights. Cars. Red, green, Spiritualized playing off Brian’s mixtape, consisting of thousands of songs randomly played through his iPod and car stereo. I did a little film while This Mortal Coil’s “Song To The Siren” played. All felt good.

Brian took us to the San José hotel patio bar, which was awesome. Cool air. Wasabi peas. A sense of expecting the best.

Then suddenly: “there’s Bobby!” The man went to the restrooms, so Brian and I followed behind without Bobby knowing we were there. I filmed and Brian knocked on the door. No reply the first time. Neither the second. Brian did a little Jersey fist-pumping to keep the spirit up. I knocked the third time and Bobby said something in a muffled, irritated voice. Then some rustling and he pushed his head out the door, prepared for war! But no war but instead love. It felt so good meeting Bobby again. He’s a great friend, such a warm, friendly, courteous and caring person, filled with energy and loads of great thoughts. Hearing Bobby speak about his filmmaking, about reading, music and life in general is very refreshing. Also, Brian is like that too. taking in life while being himself in a gentle and great way.

It was more than great meeting Bobby again. It’s so surreal, meeting his wonderful self in different continents over quite short periods of time; we’ve now met him on three different occations over a year, in two different continents.

Bobby told us about Los Angeles, we all talked about friends, life, love and The Human Centipede. Yes, again.

Before drinking more. And this time we picked up the bill. Ha!

We then ventured to a place called Star Seeds for MORE food. Yes, I just wouldn’t stop. So in combination with drinks, I – this blessed morning – look like a fat pig junkie bitch. Which is kinda what I normally look like apart from fat, so now I’m just a poster child for what eating too much all the time does to you. In combination with alcohol.

Star Seeds was very nice! A diner where we sat in a booth. I had a big plate of vegetables and an omelet. All very very good indeed. We went back to Brian’s and watched “My Own Private Idaho” some before all dispersed/fell asleep. Brian, Bobby and I then saw the trailer for “The Human Centipede” which made me cringe, not because of the horror factor but rather because it looked so dull, stupidly made and awful when it came to production.

Then, sleep. Sleep. Sleep.

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