USA trip Nov. 2010, part 8


Saying goodbye to Brian was a little sad, but somehow I have the feeling we’re gonna be seeing him soon again. Ish. I hope. We gave Bobby – who overslept due to his dead mobile phone battery – an address to Sheplers and went there. His fucked-up GPS gave him driving instructions to somebody’s private ranch, so I searched for a couple of streets and he turned up! We all went inside.

Sheplers had a John Wayne stand, can you believe it? Oh, you can. And we sifted through a lot of womens’ clothes: embossed, embroidered and sequined-to-hell crosses, cowgirl pictures and what have you not. Flaming pink, warbled typefaces and rhinestones designed to make your teenage cowgirl stay that cowgirl way and not go all emo on the family and to Hell. Leather pouches, leather bags for your bible, leather spurs. Plaid shirts, of course. The small size was enough for me to drown in, even though some patterns were quite alluring. In the end, I got a bolo tie with an eagle on it, grabbing the American flag. Very Colbert. I’ve yet to find out what that damned eagle meant to do with it, though.

We all went to Whole Foods where we got our picnic on. A big vegetarian pizza a vegetarian stromboli with fake chorizo later, and we were off. We took a little detour past Waterloo where Bobby picked up Pulp’s “His ‘n’ Hers“, probably because Brian played “Pink Glove” in his car a previous night. I got Suede’s “The Drowners/Metal Mickey” for two dollars. We then dumped our gear and I got to drive Bobby for the first time! Started up by putting in reverse and slamming on the gas instead of the brake. How’s that for a great first impression?

We went down Cesar Chavez Street all the way to Ladybird Lake, which was awesome. We quickly found a spot where we all sat down and got intoxicated with the great view, the food – Bobby forgot his stromboli in his car – and friendship. We laughed, took a lot of pictures and just ate, to the sounds of Bobby’s Pulp CD slammed into the boombox he’d brought. There were a lot of joggers and happy, smiling dogs everywhere. And a suspicious moon, as Bobby correctly pointed out – it looked as though the moon had a face! We then went back to Patrick’s place where he was now in-place with Renate. Bobby said hi to all and Renate tried to speak a little Swedish with him after finding out about Malin and Bobby’s earlier Swedish vacation.

After that, Bobby decided it was probably time to start his three-hour drive to Dallas. It was really sad saying goodbye to him, and I wish I’d meet him sooner than I probably will. He’s such a unique, nice, sweet, funny, intelligent and friendly person, it’s impossible to dislike him. I miss him and Brian. It was great to have Bobby meet Patrick.

Mia and I chatted some with Patrick and Renate. He went away for work, and so Mia and I were eventually driven by the kind Renate to The Brixton, a bar on East 6th Street, quite close to Shangri-La. Its insides looked as though somebody’d fashioned the place using a rectangular shape and an axe. The place carried a jukebox with Misfits’ debut album and The Smiths’ “Hatful Of Hollow” flipped on display.

After we left, we walked down the street to the vegan place where we ate after going to Shangri-La last time. It was open, and three people were busy collecting wood for a fire in the middle of it all, where all patrons collated to get some kind of warmth. It was really cold outside, and I sat as close to the fire as was possible without burning. One of the three guys broke branches, another built a heater and the third one worked as ringmaster: “Mike Denny, everybody!” We were served our frito burrito, which was brilliant. Again.

We then walked up 6th Street all the way to Love Joy’s, where two bands were playing. The Golden Boys were the second act. There were pool tables at the place. Had a rum and coke but I felt really tired. Mia did too. I actually fell asleep sitting up at a table while watching the band play a garage-y party atmosphere type of rock! We then decided to grab a cab, went back to Patrick’s and crashed.

Today we’ll try to find Mia’s beloved Free People, which she couldn’t find last time. May the almighty GPS lead the way, sharpen our senses and bring life back to everything. Salut!

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