Review: Tim Gunn – “Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, Not Stirred (Kindle Single)Shaken, Not Stirred by Tim Gunn
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This is really an excerpt from his book “Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work“, which is not noted when buying this off Amazon.

Gunn is an underrated author, mostly because his dry wit and quite unexpected spite erupts from his honesty and growing up in the American suburban 1950s.

This "Kindle single" consists of 17 pages regarding Gunn’s father, a very important FBI employee who, among other things, ghost-wrote books for J. Edgar Hoover.

His father was also deeply troubled by OCD and fell ill to Alzheimer’s disease, while his mother tried to put on a all’s-well faà§ade to all on-lookers so that their family wouldn’t turn out bad.

It’s a good read, this episode.

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