A bunch of pictures from a past bunch of days

Blixa curling
Mia’s and my heavenly little daughter who woke me up at 6am, Sunday morning. Well, it probably was worth it.

Near my workplace; Gröndal, Stockholm
I love the towering, wilting branches, as though the mighty trees transform into weeping willows.

Babtism @ Flen
Visiting a church in Flen, where one in the family had her hair dabbed with water. It was fun to meet that part of the family again!

Samba @ Björns trädgård
While sitting in Björns Trädgård, waiting to go see the incredibly shitty film “The Lincoln Lawyer”, some samba drum players collated and attracted a hen party. Uhngh. The samba-playing was fun for a while though.

Okkervil River live @ Göta Källare, 2011
What to say? Our beloved friends came by and played Göta Källare and they rocked. And ate loads of garlic-infected food and drinks.

Okkervil River live @ Göta Källare, 2011

OR poster

Bagis kitteh lounging
This little kitty went-a-loungin’, as found in a yard in Bagis.

Hard to come by, not so hard to circumvent
Around the lake at work.

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2 Responses to “A bunch of pictures from a past bunch of days”

  1. Marielle Says:

    Allt såg mysigt ut. Krävs lite parkhäng snart känner jag instinktivt.

  2. Niklas Pivic Says:

    Jamensjälvklart, så länge det här vädret styrs upp.

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