English police = insane?

I just witnessed Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police Commissioner in London, comment the slaying of an innocent man a couple of days ago, say “what if he had been a terrorist, and the doors of that subway cart would have closed, and he would have been carrying a bomb around his waist, among many people?”. I’ve got news for you: that makes every person in London (and perhaps England) a very plausible target.

The London police department has stated that shooting an innocent person may happen again – in the name of anti-terrorism.

Question #1: if the only visible agression from the London police against terrorists consists of shooting an innocent person in the head, killing him using at least five bullets as he was laying down, who are the terrorists?

Question #2: if the Police Commissioner of London says it’s A-OK to kill innocent people on the mere basis that any police-officer feels that would be a good idea (and would get away with it, career unscathed, in the name of anti-terrorism), who are the terrorists?

Politics is strange. As if you need to see or hear that, to know it. Anyway, just as “V For Vendetta” is becoming a big movie, against Alan Moore‘s wishes, England rears the totalitarian head in this way. Oh, brother. Big brother. England prevails.

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