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OS X Lion

Yeah, I’m with Mac again. Mia and I bought a new iMac and we’re on like Donkey Kong. Getting back into the Mac-game is like shooting heroin: you remember what it was like and then whooo, you don’t care, you’re invincible! Wait. I’ve never even seen heroin.

Well, the installation was painless, and the first things I saw after a 30-minute installation where I basically didn’t have to do anything, things looked a bit different. No scrollbars – except when you hover over them with a mouse, no status bar how much drive space you’ve got left, blah, blah. I really don’t care. New gestures? The only thing that bugged me after reboot was the “Natural” way of scrolling your mouse (see pic below). Check this post if you have issues, it might really help. And this is good too, despite it being from TechCrunch.

I’m what they call an early adopter and I know that software that’s new tends to break some. Or at least feel rough around the edges. That’s why using a Mac feels like…wait, what, I plugged in my printer and it just works? Of course. And yes, there are things that are irritating on Mac as well. Flash support is dodgy thanks to Apple and Adobe bitching around. Photoshop is “broken” when running Lion, I hear. I don’t care.

It works well so far. And I’m running Windows 7 virtualised inside the Mac so I don’t care times two, woo-hoo. And the full-screen reading with that-big-a-widescreen monitor that we have now…I feel blessed. Can’t wait to read some comics.1

Only downside is that Blixa loves to get her wet tail all over the glossy screen. Can Lion fix Blixa?

For you other geeks out there:


  1. And I think it’s cool that you can sign PDFs like this. But don’t tell Mia. She thinks I’m way too geeky already about this Lion stuff.[back]
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