Political disturbance: immigrants discriminated in Sweden

A couple of weeks ago, I partook in a very interesting, prejudiced discussion with a few persons. We spoke about how Swedish men who are accused of rape, are always (i.e. throughout the entire legal process) let off the hook easier than foreign men are, not to mention that the hardest stone of all to carry, lays on the back of immigrant women who accuse Swedish men of rape.

This stirred up a very enflamed debate, mostly built on prejudice (from one person, luckily). Anyway, I had a chance to check stuff out about this:

According to a quite recent study by Naiti del Santé and Anastasia Swärd, 95% of all charges of rape in Sweden are dropped before they move to prosecution. Another interesting aspect is found in this PDF-file, a governmental report, on page 186 (as paginated by Acrobat Reader), where one can find the following, in Swedish (here translated by me):

Naiti del Sante has in her degree thesis studied all reported indoor-rapes in Uppsala 1999-2002. The results point to that persons with foreign background are treated unfairly in these investigations, both as suspects and victims. 77% of the Swedish persons who were indicted for a crime were questioned by the police, while 84% of the indicted immigrants were questioned. Even the ethnicity of the victim made a difference. When the victim were an immigrant, only 63% of the indicted were questioned while the corresponding number was 91% when the victim was Swedish. Especially Thai and eastern-European women, in relation to Swedish men, seem to be in a significant disadvantage in comparison with other rape-victims. Not even when the assault has lead to serious injuries, has that been enough to bring about prosecution, and the women’s inability to claim their interests themselves has been acknowledged as if they are not properly motivated to have their claim tried in a court of law, which indirectly poses as a motivation for the courts to dismiss the cases.

This lead me to a side-track on criminal statistics regarding immigrants and people born here, in Sweden.

If you start reading said PDF-file from page 185 (still only available in Swedish), a scientific study (conducted by Jerzy Sarnecki in 1994) shows how the Swedish police seemed to have worked more on cases where the suspect(s) was an immigrant, and how more of these cases were solved. Of course, this reflects in the statistics: if the police are more into convicting immigrants than people born in Sweden, the statistics show immigrants as being more rape-prone. How very interesting.

Another study, also from page 185 in said PDF-file, conducted in 2004 by Pär Runemar, showed that the police put in more work-time when the suspect was an immigrant, and hence, put in less work-time when the suspect was born in Sweden. This suggestion also surfaced in a study conducted by Linn Sidén (written about in page 186 in said PDF-file).

This is just sad. Let’s get rid of this type of prejudice.

By the way, when the prejudiced person said “Mostly immigrants cause problems”, I asked for scientific data on this. The response? “The data is based on my feelings! Besides, scientific data cannot be trusted.”

Whassup, science. Let’s make the Earth turn flat again. Waiter Rant has an interesting dialogue posted, running in the same fashion as this post. Check it out.

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