Depeche Mode

I can’t stand the new album off Depeche Mode. It’s god-awful, and I’m a person who loved “Violator” and almost everything they released before it. Since Alan Wilder left the group, they’ve gone crap, and this one’s just the worst they’ve released. But not according to a bunch of (mostly American) critics. See what they have to say about it, here.

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4 Responses to “Depeche Mode”

  1. pat Says:

    crap to you, to me its heavy, solid, gold.

  2. Niklas Says:

    That does say something for somebody who holds the king of Sweden as a high-point.

    The new album contains nothing of value. To quote Frederic, I say rhyming “Lillian” with “protection” is a slight indication that something is wrong. I’d rather spend money on something worth its while, for instance on the coming album by Babyshambles, called “Down In Albion”.

  3. Al Says:

    This album beats the crap out of the top shit we hear in America.


  4. Niklas Says:

    Well, as the world is quite tiny thanks to the music available over the Internet, that comment isn’t very true; we have crap music on the radio and TV as well, but it’s not the matter of what you find on the mainstream airwaves, but what you sniff out yourself. There are currently a lot of music that’s much better than Depeche Mode’s latest release, which should be lamented and hated.

    Another interesting bit about the sound quality of the album is found here, courtesy of Frederic.

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