The Swedish Migration Board does it again

A couple of days ago I wrote this post on how Dagens Nyheter revealed that a lot of employees of a department at The Swedish Migration Board (actually 19 out of 21 employees working that day) drank champagne to celebrate the fact that they ejected a family from Sweden; a family that was seeking to live permanently in Sweden.

Yesterday, Dagens Nyheter revealed another very important fact. They published this article [in Swedish], the contents of which I will examine below.

At 2004-03-04 Liz Sandgren, Department Manager at The Swedish Migration Board, the Kristianstad chapter, sent an e-mail to (at least) 16 of her colleagues, where she asked them to partake in celebrating the fact that a “troublesome” woman had been denied a permanent stay in Sweden and had been sent to her “homeland”. Here’s a translation of the letter, which is available here; yet again, observe that most lingual errors are due to the original author:

subject: AP 2005 and cake!
body: Hello !
Yesterday persons X Y and Z carried out our troublesome woman in à–stra Göinge. We celebrate with cake and at the same time wish her and her children all the best in their homeland!

NB Tomorrow I want that you have printed and brought each of your copies of regional Activity Plan 2004.

Sincerely, Liz

According to Dagens Nyheter, approximately 15 employees partook in celebrating that The Swedish Migration Board, i.e. themselves, had ejected a woman and her three children from stay in Sweden.

When Dagens Nyheter called Liz Sandgren, asking for comments on this celebration, she flat-out denied it ever occurring. After a journalist from said paper told her they had a copy of the e-mail (I translated), she said “Ohohohoh, this is very serious if that information is correct.” She then asked to return to the paper with a comment, for which she claims she will need half an hour. After that time, she makes herself indisposed to the journalist. When the journalist finally gets hold of Liz Sandberg, several hours later, she refuses to comment the e-mail.

Janna Valik, General-Director at The Swedish Migration Board, says that Liz Sandgren “will not be working as Manager right now”. That answer, by the way, means nothing more than that Liz Sandgren can actually be working as Manager again, as I’m writing this.

Of course I’ve e-mailed The Swedish Migration Board again, as I’ve now got new questions for them – and also because I still have not received an answer to my first e-mail to them. You will find my new e-mail to them, in its original form and translated to English, in the comment-part of this post.

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  1. Niklas Says:

    This is my second e-mail to them, posted today at 06:25, local Swedish time. A translation of this e-mail follows in English:


    från: Niklas


    Med anledning av att jag 1) skickade ett brev till er (d.v.s. till den adress jag skickar detta brev) för två dagar sedan och fortfarande invà¤ntar svar på det och 2) just là¤st ytterligare ett avslöjande om Migrationsverkets firande av avvisade personer ( som sökt permanent boende i Sverige, har jag några frågor:

    1. Rörande Liz Sandgrens nuvarande arbetssituation sà¤ger enligt DN Janna Valik följande: “Hon ska inte arbeta som chef just nu.” Betyder detta att Liz Sandgren kommer att tilltrà¤da som chef i år, i början av nà¤sta år, eller nà¤r, faktiskt? Nà¤r kommer hon åter att tilltrà¤da som chef, och kommer hon att arbeta med folk som söker permanent boende i Sverige tills dess?

    2. Exakt vad menade Liz Sandgren nà¤r hon beskrev “kvinnan” i sitt e-brev som “besvà¤rlig”? Den uppgiften kan và¤l inte vara hemlighetsstà¤mplad?

    3. Kommer utredningen kring detta, som enligt DN skall ledas av Henrik Winman, att publiceras offentligt nà¤r den à¤r klar? Nà¤r berà¤knas den vara klar, och var kommer den offentliggöras då?

    4. Kommer ni att à¤ndra något av det som finns att hitta på , inklusive stavfelet man hittar om man klickar på là¤nken “Info material” i và¤nsterramen (d.v.s. ordet “Migratiion”)?

    Jag ser fortfarande, med förhoppning, fram emot snabba svar på mina e-brev.


    Niklas Pivic
    Stockholm, Sverige



    Because I’ve 1) sent you a letter (i.e. to the same address I’m sending this one) two days ago and am still awaiting a reply to it, and 2) just read another revelation of how The Swedish Migration Board are celebrating people ( who have sought permanent stay in Sweden, I now have a few more questions:

    1. Regarding Liz Sandgren’s current employment status, Janna Valik says the following according to DN: “She will not be working as Manager right now.” Does this mean that Liz Sandgren will be working as Manager this year, the next year, or…when, actually? Will she, until she reclaims her title as Manager, be working with people who are seeking permanent stay in Sweden until that day?

    2. Exactly what did Liz Sandgren mean when she described “the woman”, in her e-mail, as “troublesome”? Surely, this information cannot be classified, right?

    3. Will the investigation around this matter, which will be lead by Henrik Winman, according to DN, be made available to the public when finished? When is it due to be finished, and where will it be made available then?

    4. Will you change any of the contents of what’s available at , including the spelling error one finds, if one clicks on the link “Info material” in the left frame (i.e. the word “Migratiion”)?

    I still, with hope, look forward to quick replies to my e-mails.


    Niklas Pivic
    Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Faton Berisha Says:

    Im Faton from Peja,Kosova.
    I have a concern about these people working at the swedish migration board. If really they are celebreting about these kinda acts that means that they are pleased to remove Forigners from Sweden, and that makes them fanatic nacionalists, from Swedish part this is a discrimination and these people are black marking Swedish democracy and tolerance.
    I think that this has to change and in migration board should work honest people that will not make desisions based on their personal feelings, this is a serious problem wich has to be solved as soon as posible

  3. Armend Shala Says:

    Hi, I’m Armend from Kosovo and I would like to make a opinion towards this. As a learnt at school here in Pristine i saw that Sweden State is a Democratic State. I think it is very unfair their acctions of the Migration Board.
    Let me tell you my story, my wife lifes in sweden and to see her i have to wait 7 or 8 months. Now when i red this stories what the migration board dit, frankly speaking I’m afraid that my waiting time will take much more time then they said. I think this is discrimination made by migration board and the outhorties over there must do something about this because descrimination must be stoped. It’s not fair that someone must wait 7 or 8 months to see someone that he/she loves.
    Thank you for good understanding

  4. Niklas Says:

    Hello, Faton and Armend!

    Of course I’m with you both on the fact that the migration board cannot be discriminate, but it’s going to be very interesting to see how they handle this situation.

    There’s nothing as bad as waiting for love, and dealing with people who seem to be discriminating – and celebrating that – just makes stuff much worse! Of course the Swedish Migration Board is nationalistic per se, as they only deal with Swedish cases – with is, of course, natural. I’m against all forms of nationalism, though, but this bureaucratic form is required in our democratic way of living – somebody has to set some sort of border on who they’re screening, right?

    I just hope things happen, that they’re sorted out by some organisation that isn’t biased; I doubt this is going to happen, though, and I do wish you and your wife, Armend, the best of luck and that you’ll meet each-other sooner than you think.

    Fight the power!

  5. Niklas’ blog » Blog Archive » Integration and migration in Sweden Says:

    […] Tobias Billström is bisexual and our new minister of migration. He is also attacked by Kemali, for basically what Sabuni is: for attempting to hide the fact that racism is part of daily life in Sweden. So far, he has done nothing to unveil the atrocities committed by the Swedish Migration Board in the very recent past. Also, he’s another of the Swedish ministers who hasn’t paid his TV licensing fee and has also bought private stuff off his governmental credit card. In 1995, Mona Sahlin, then minister of equality affairs and deputy prime minister, resigned from her posts as she had “bought a chocolate bar then and again”. Please. Do note that the new prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, has basically not done or said a thing about the problems his newly appointed ministers have faced during their first week of running the country. I’d actually feel more content if somebody sprung the brunt of the more anti-social pack off Kumla and appointed them. […]

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