Neighbourly conversation

A couple of nights ago our upstairs neighbour was busy renovating at 23:00, which is way past bedtime. So, I ventured up to his flat and knocked on the door.

Person X: Hello?
Me: Hello! I’m the downstairs neighbour. I couldn’t help but notice it seems you’re renovating right now, and it’s–
Person X: I’m not the one who lives here! Wait, and you’ll speak with him shortly.

Away Person X went, and the neighbour showed up with an air of it’s-three-o’clock-pm-and-hello-there about him.

Neighbour: Oh, hello?
Me: Hello! You know, it’s eleven o’clock in the evening, and we’re trying to get some sleep–
N: We’re clearing up after some handimen who’ve been working here.
M: I see, but it’s after ten o’clock now and I’m trying to get some sleep.
N: But we have to make the apartment liveable.


M: I understand, but it’s eleven in evening. You can’t–
N: Just five minutes more, OK?
M: That’s fine by me.

We parted ways and Mia and I fell asleep to his banging away after that. Oh well.

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