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Richard Ramirez

As I just read a book on Richard Ramirez, I found a few bits of interest:

A video interview with Richard Ramirez is found here.

The first part of a five-part documentary is found here.

Ramirez: I guess you could say like…the balances of the mind, the chemistry, the psyche of a killer“”a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and he has learned to perfect it. Uh…this is a guy you think it’d be okay to go to his house, have a drink, and smoke a joint, but it would be your last drink because you’d find yourself handcuffed and the next thing you know, this guy would be eating you. This is a very…uh…very interesting thing to look at in life. These types of individuals…because they’re extra-ordinary. It’s sort of like a strange car, a strange house. You ask yourself, “How was it built? How did it get here?” I’ve always been fascinated with killers, and crime, and murder, and death. I suppose I started when I was twelve years old (the murder of Jessie by Richard’s cousin Mike). I started reading crime detective magazines and stuff like this and even the pages had a certain scent to them, a certain smell to them. It was very strange; it gave me a strange feeling.

Carlo: Can you explain the feeling?

Ramirez: Strange, because I had experienced the death of people I knew at an early age. I was four or five years old when I knew about a death of a friend of my father’s. Then when I was nine I went to my grandfather’s funeral. It’s just…death had a very profound effect on me when I saw it. Death of my dog, death of a pet animal“”just death.

Carlo: Do you feel that there’s a life after death, that there really is a Heaven and Hell?

Ramirez: I couldn’t say for sure what there is, you know? I can’t sit here and tell you, “Yes, there’s this or that,” because I’m not sure. I can only speculate.

Carlo: Well, what do you speculate?

Ramirez: I think there is…uh…a divine force that is out there. I also believe there’s a malevolent force that is out there. Then again, they could be one and the same. I also believe some in reincarnation. I mean, how do these child prodigies come about? A young child being able to play the piano very well at the age of three years old…everything is open. I have an open mind.

Carlo: Do you feel that evil can be reincarnated?

Ramirez: I hope so. [laughs]

The court-case details involved are in the start of the following court appeal from 2007:

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