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After my tirade on The Swedish Migration Board the first and the second time, believe it or not, they’ve actually sent me a letter – albeit a mass-mail that did not answer any of my questions. So effing drab. Here‘s a Flash-version of that letter. I abhor their administration, and pity every single person looking to stay in Sweden. Luckily for my parents, when Sweden was in dire need of labour from abroad during the 60’s and 70’s, most people didn’t have a problem with getting in. But now things are different. Get this: DN has since their last unravelling made two important unravelings:

1. Advokater Utan Gränser, a “Swedish, non-profit, politically and religiously unbound organisation whose purpose is to contribute to the adequate excercise of the principles of the human rights”, has criticised The Swedish Migration Board for two things: a) they assign a lawyer for the person seeking to become a Swedish citizen and b) Advokater Utan Gränser attacks The Swedish Migration Board for assigning lawyers that aren’t very skilled at what they do.

Of course, The Swedish Migration Board doesn’t think so. Too bad, as they’re violating Article 6 in The European Convention on Human Rights. See, a person who wants to become a Swedish citizen, has the right to legal defense that is not biased. What about legal defense appointed by the party that’s the aggressor, i.e. The Swedish Migration Board? They don’t think so.

2. If you want to become a Swedish citizen, you have to wait for years to know if you’re approved or rejected. That is, if you haven’t got 1500SKR (appx. 190USD) to spare. Here’s the story: if you want to become a Swedish citizen, your case gets queued. No problem, right? No problem – if there wasn’t another queue, and if you get into that one, you only have to wait for a few months to have your case reviewed. Snag? Yep, you have to pay 1500SKR to get in.

I’m so mad at these people, I’m starting to cry manure.

If you’re angry, maybe you should start a wiki? Hell, start fifteen, but this software is the sleekest I’ve seen so far. You won’t need a server for it. Check it out, and do change the look if you decide to use it. There are ways to change the appearence. More on wikis in this interesting post.

I know I should be getting better at not pushing the material envelope, but Mikaela and I are probably getting these for the home. At first, replacing our gigantic speakers at home sounded like a bad idea, but given how much space we’re getting after the shift, it’s a good idea. The speakers will be wall-mounted. I’ve still to listen to a pair of them, though.

Oh, did I ever tell you I dreamt I owned a guitar that tuned itself? Check this. Don’t care that Jimmy Page pimps the stuff, but it seems great – and affordable, if you’re Jimmy Page. Check the company site here.

Like Garfield, the fat, loathsome, unlovable cat? I agree, Jon Davis ought to be killed for it, but in the sense of pure dada, check this out and realise there’s a way to make the worst strip ever (possible exception: Cathy) go random.

DVDPlanet are currently holding a Criterion Collection sale; every Criterion sale is 35% off, and if your purchase is above 35USD, p&p is free. Damn you! Brilliant offer! If you have no idea what The Criterion Collection is, venture here and bang yourself to deaf; it’s the best thing that’s happened to DVD’s. I have to get their release of “Traffic”, by the way.

E-mail! Yeah, you. Yeah, you. Embrace. You have to get the new version of Mozilla Thunderbird. I’m still using the beta-version of the portable app-version every day, and I love it; there’s a 1.5 RC1-version available on the portable one.

Which calendar-and-task online system to use, Remember The Milk or HipCal? The latter seems more hell-bent on good features. I’ll start using it seriously when it’s able to sync with the most iCal-unfriendly application in my world: Microsoft Outlook. It’s coming. And one can request more SMS hosts just by asking the site ops to – providing you can help them with a little tech info.

Need a temporary e-mail address to avoid all those pesky sites asking for yours? Try Mailinator. Looks very nice, and is guaranteed to do the trick.

I love the B3TA phallic logo awards.

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