#14: Spotify playlist

Mazzy Star

I can remember the first time I heard Mazzy Star. In a dust-filled1 room late in the afternoon, a far trip from home. Hope Sandoval’s voice echoing throughout my head while feeling like shit but knowing that I’d soon feel better. And repeating this once I’d loaned a tape with the track on.

Fantomâs - The Director's Cut

I heard this album before I even knew my mate Zak, which is weird. He’s made me realise Mike Patton’s full potential, beyond initially even hearing Faith No More’s “Epic“. So, this song, from a collection of songs snagged from horror-films (hence the name of the band, as if you didn’t know), tells all. Yaa-yaah.

Mag fields

Long drives, flowers
Old fools, new lives

The Go! Team

Yes, the image says it all. It’s like a school orchestra molded with Kraftwerk, Grandmaster Flash and sheer fucking adrenaline. And yes, they’ve got attack and a great rapper in Ninja.


They’ll never grow old. I just want them back in Stockholm again and again.

Elliott Smith

The Beatles, Elliott, The Beatles, Elliott. Who cares? This is Brian Wilson-effortlessly made.

Kraftwerk - The Mix

This is how I really discovered Kraftwerk.

I was getting into synth-based music – Depeche Mode, Jean-Michel Jarre, Front 242 – and this was the shit. I knew they were old men. Yet I didn’t give a fuck. I was also getting into techno, house and different types of rave music but I wouldn’t tell my synthy friends that from fear that they’d disown me.

This album is still fresh, and I’ve no idea how they did it.

It’s just so funky and at the same time crisp, clinically precise and more toxic than a drop of crystalline water from a scientist’s conical flask.

It’s just madness. I don’t care how many times I hear this shit, even if I’m sick to death of the intro – there’s just always something in this track and almost all of the rest on the album “The Mix” that entice me into fucking boogie-mode and won’t let me stop. It’s James Brown and Orbital and Sex Pistols and rock ‘n’ roll in its purest form mixed with Mozart and Stockhausen and silence.

The Bees

I love this song. It hit me along the same time as The Beta Band did. And oh, this song’s a cover of a track by a Brazilian band called Os Mutantes, which is an experimental outfit far from prejudiced pics of what they may be about. Prejudiced to me.

Shirley Bassey

If you go away, on this summer day
Then you might as well take the sun away

I really loved this track when it dawned. Madame Bassey’s voce is so down-played in the front that it’s great against the synth backdrops that sweep forward more enticingly than storm affronts. Progressive house has never really been my thing, but up until the songs kicks in, this is altogether great; following the initial bad beats post-kick (especially considering the Kraftwerk loans), it actually grows more. The rhythm is so slow in comparison with the arpeggio. Bassey’s voice gets the upper hand after 03:40 and it all just meshes, with orchestral blows to boot.

This is an extremely underrated track in my opinion, albeit somehow wonderfully regrettable.

Broder Daniel

Each day connects to the next
I do my routines by reflex
Life’s an endless row of days
But the heart longs to get away

And I wish I could fly out of here
Out of this town

Escapism has seldom been more earnestly written, in fewer and easier words. Little wonder did Broder Daniel garner great support in Sweden while they were active – and beyond that, of course, due to myth. Sometimes whole-heartedly deserving of that, as with this song.

Kanye Fish Dick

I just love the distorted line.


Simple production and punk sentiments, this is glitch and forced at once.


SL2 permeated my mind about the same time that The Prodigy’s “Experience” did. Piano vamps were found everywhere in garage and house music. Simple loops and samples…

Rebecca & Fiona

There’s always something about a good arpeggio that not even bad production can beat down. And the strange metal mini-clanking that comes in just after the one-minute mark just heightens the track à¡ la The Knife.


Blur and Oasis. I didn’t mean for it to end like this.

Jubilee” is a great track on its own. A little bit too music hall, of course, robbing The Kinks blind and all that but fuck it, your fave band does, too. And Oasis were uncanny in some ways: despite being utterly simplistic, carrying shite lyrics, they pulled off quite a few great tracks and this one’s virtually unknown.

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