Eskilstuna, there I went

This Friday, I finally turned a man of my word, and went to Eskilstuna.

Yes, this fair blob of land sporting famous celebrities like Parken Zoo, Kent and Johnny Puma, provides the grounds for my dear friend Rade with friends.

After an hour of riding on the train, accompanied by two quite different, but very much equally accosting parties, I arrived at Eskilstuna. Hang on. I must tell you about the morons. While standing around at the railway-station, waiting for the train, two guys bumped into me, drunk as hell, at 16:55. One of them seemed to think he was the reincarnation of the old Axl Rose, and he did try to prove it while on the train, spontaneously bursting into song. In a way he was quite comical. He said “If I…if I…if I disturb you, please, speak up now and I will stop: AAAAAAAAAH!” That scream lasted for about 15 seconds, and I just laughed. Just try to protest, everybody! This is when the second party piped up, and they did pipe – to themselves: “Who does he think he is? I’ll say something, soon.” Three males sat in the same section as I, and didn’t do or say anything to the hard-rockers yelling about. Nobody did. I wore my headphones all the way to Eskilstuna, but as the man to my right continually bragged about his extreme knowledge of computers I listened and laughed all the way. Terrific. I was actually glad to hear Axl suddenly awaking from a beer-induced coma, to scream “YOU COULD BE MIIIINE!” for ten seconds, thus cutting off the idiot to my right, who was saying bit torrent is a dead technology which nobody uses.

Somebody lucked out in Tekken I stepped off the train to be met by Rade. A sore sight indeed! He wore a Morrissey-picture in one of the button-holes in his coat, to welcome me properly. It felt great to meet him again, after what has been months. Writing this, it really sucks knowing he lives far away – but on the other hand, it’s only a train-ride away.

Murre We met up with Murre, the Turkish ruler of the Ottoman underworld! It was really great to meet him as well; there I was, in the middle of Eskilstuna with two friends, feeling great. So we went to Rade’s home, which is actually Nenad‘s, home; Rade is right now one signature away from getting a first-hand contract on an apartment, which means he will soon be living on his own again. Nenad was a real gentleman, actually too gentle, having prepared his own bedroom for my stay – imagine my horror as I awoke the morning after to realise Nenad was sleeping on the couch! Aagh. Anyway, I settled in and Tamara popped out! Rade’s little sister had also come to roost in her former nest, and it was really fun to meet her again. She reminds me infinitely of my own little sister, Katharina.

Murre and Benjamin Benjamin turned up next, which resulted in a gaming-session where we boxed the pants off each-other. Rade has recently purchased an Xbox 360, mostly due to Fight Night Round 3, but we quit our gaming quickly because we were going to a concert.

Yeah, Eskilstuna Folkets Hus was the place where Svarta Safirer played. That’s eight gypsy musicians from different parts of Europe, who played a lot of great music. I can’t tell you how great it was, but I can most definitely show you: this is a link leading to a 10MB QuickTime file that shows 5 minutes from the beginning of the gigs until the part where we danced the night away.

First, we walked to the place to find it full of people. Tamara secured a table smack in the middle of the stage, and a hip-hop band came out and did a spoken word/hip-hop performance to a multi-rhythmic back-track. They left after 15 minutes, and paved way for another duo where one member was incredibly tall and young, which made him look gangly and extremely odd. They rapped about Kosovo, about being Albanians from that part and how the war affected them. All in all, quite drab – in comparison to what came next.

Svarta Safirer kicked ass, which is all one can say about the matter. The drummer and the clarinet-guy were my faves, churning out songs with their hearts, especially the drummer, I’d say. People went up and danced their hearts out, as you’ll see in the film. Everybody sang along, and all were merry and very happy – partly due to the consumption of a certain legal drug, called alcohol. KruÅ¡ovické was sold, and we loved it. Murre and Benjamin had a couple of cold, null-tasting dishes from the kitchen, but we weren’t there for the sub-standard food; we danced, danced and danced some more. Murre’s wife, Sivan, turned up. Nenad was there, everybody were dancing. The solo singer from the band picked a girl from the audience who went on-stage and rocked the show by dancing for all. People went insane and danced all over the room, all together in a massive ring.

We left very happy.

Benjamin and Rade The day after we gamed a bit, we went around Eskilstuna, I was shown the sights, we ate sushi while trying to sober up. It was all nice. We went to a very nice café which was one of the better renovated I’ve seen in my days. I disliked the wooden panels, but the arm-chairs, chaise-lounges, tables – not to mention the bathroom where a plasma TV showing a video of a live fire, wooden logs burning, right above a bespoke wash-basin – were delicious. We sat about, drank everything but alcohol and just calmed down. We then went to Rade’s place, drove and swapped NBA ’06 for Dead Or Alive 4, and beat each-other up. I love the wireless controllers for the Xbox 360.

Rade, baba, Tamara Oh, we visited Rade’s grandmother, too! She’s 90 years old, has a lot of humour and is ever so sweet. She even gave me candy. She reminds me a lot of my own grandmother.

I left for Stockholm at 19:03, with Tamara (who lives in Stockholm). Nenad followed us to the station; he’s a very charming person and a real gentleman. He wouldn’t let me help out with anything in the home, made food, et.c. Just too nice. Being in Eskilstuna for a day was really cool. There was a very nice small-town feeling, while the city is expanding.

I’ll be back soon enough, for Café Kaka.

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