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Marie Laveau ROCK! Come Saturday, Rade and I will experience Boban Markovic at Södra Teatern! The man and his orkestar has performed music for Kusturica and will – I hope – knock the socks off Svarta Safirer.

Speaking of music, I ordered a Line6 Spider II 30 today, to replace the old guitar-amp I loaned from Jesper for appx. 10 years.

Speaking of music, get “Country Girl” today. And Asian Dub Foundation has created an opera around Khadafi. Whassup! I love their “Rafi’s Revenge“.

Oh, by no way, a fetish group demonstrated outside my work-place yesterday. Why? Because they thought the department that issues permits to people wishing to serve alcohol legally are…homophobic. And I think three of those working there are actually gay.

What did I tell you? An American kid eats a bag of crisps every hour that he/she watches TV. Aaah! Put these on their foreheads. Or frame somebody that owns a Macintosh (even if that’s yourself).

Tussan On the glad side of food, Frederic tipped me about this DVD where Anthony Bourdain interviews the owner (and one of the chefs) of El Bulli, reportedly one of the best restaurants in the world

Robert Greenwald is on the move with a documentary on the war in Iraq, which can only be finished through donations.

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