Two great new web apps: MeetingBurner and Wunderkit

I’ve gotta pay my dues to two apps that I’ve been testing throughout the alpha/beta stages, and now that they’re being released I’ve just gotta holler about them to let you know; they really help me at work and privately1. And that they’re free (with extra, really beneficial features if you wanna pay) MeetingBurner, a great new online meeting app, launched yesterday. Wunderkit, an online-and-installable productivity app, is launched in public beta. So, what are they about?



They’ve launched!

Now, have you ever needed to host a meeting online, maybe using voice, screen-sharing, webcam and chat all at once? In the past that’s been Hell. Trying to coax everybody onto the same platform, whether that be Skype or WebEx, has meant installing software, making sure everybody’s compatible with each-other, using a sufficient amount of bandwidth, et.c. It’s not been easy.

Here’s a little vid showing you some features:

MeetingBurner is about using the web browser, Flash and nothing more. No installations. It’s fast. I’ve used it on Windows, Linux and Mac, all working flawlessly, and switching between the windows you want to share is a breeze. Simple. Features: a free account lets you host meetings with up to 15 attendees, a Pro account brings 50 attendees and meeting recordings to the table, and a Premium account lets you have over 1000 accounts and analytics. Sweet.

Besides, I’ve got to give massive kudos to the developers/CEO of MeetingBurner for giving a Pro account to all beta-testers – for life. Now that’s an incentive for love and further testing!



They’re in public beta!

Wunderkit is – like the name says – a kit of stuff, that allows you to blend traditional project management (tasks, delegating and scheduling them) with notes a great overview feature and social features, where you can comment and like stuff, get a very quick hold on who’s doing what in your projects and you can even use tags.

One of the sheer strengths of the product is its ease-of-use and clutter-free environment. It’s a log in and go aah kind of feeling. Actually, it’s simpler than that. There are a few features in here, with focus on not letting users be bogged down but rather get things done.

You can quickly create new workspaces (=projects), invite any person with an e-mail address (or through Facebook and Twitter if you want) and it’s all free, even though the pro-version allows collaboration inside any workspace, not only the ones you’ve created; see the pricing here.

There’s an iPhone app and a beta Mac app out for Wunderkit and the 6Wunderkinder team are working on something for the Android platform.

  1. Well, I use both for work and Wunderkit in private.[back]
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