“Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston?”

I can’t wait to see this new documentary on Daniel Johnston that premieres in a day. Read more here, and check the trailer below:

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Movies I've watched recently:

  • Love & Mercy (2014) - IMDb 8/10

    2015-10-08 21:35
    * * * * * * * *

    This is a divided drama, mainly about the adult life of Brian Wilson, the artistic leader of The Beach Boys, the trip through their magnum opus - "Pet Sounds" - while Brian was dealing with his brothers, the band and his superimposing father, constantly trying to overshadow Brian, as well as displaying him in the modern world, a victim to his legal guardian, while meeting love. It's a carefully threaded history, made with love and meticulous acting. It's as though the director and the actors were paying homage to Brian's legacy while making this film. Beauty is around. And it's not patronising, overblown or too much. If anything, it's kind. And human, open to what can happen to people.

  • Night Will Fall (2014) - IMDb 8/10

    2015-10-07 07:59
    * * * * * * * *

    Although this film could be edited better, it is a true shock as it contains video from the concentration camps of World War II. Human bodies are shown shoveled like dirt, and survivors and allies who were in the camps are interviewed, telling what it felt like to "clean up", both during and after the war. It's a harrowing tale, that concentrates on the feelings of the people who made the films, and how they came about. All in all, yet another must-see on the Holocaust.

  • Svenskjävel (2014) - IMDb 2/10

    2015-10-04 19:43
    * *

    The best two bits about this film: a) it's not trying too hard and b) it shows ultra-privileged Sweden what being an underdog is like, by displaying a poor Swedish person working for a Norwegian family. What's worse, is she gets romantically tangled with the father of the family. The daughter of the family seems to have an eating disorder. Everything is very expensive for a Swede living in Norway. There's a shot of the Swede stating that Swedes view Norwegians as "our retarded cousin who's won the lotto" which is funny. Otherwise, there's sadly not much to this film. I wish there were.

  • Terminator Genisys (2015) - IMDb 1/10

    2015-10-03 14:37

    If I were to make a film that would attempt to negate the first two Terminator films, this would be it. It's a bit like this. Personally, I think this is a kind of view of Arnie's time as governor, going back in time to that of Reagan, sending California into despair. In this film, however, he...I don't know what he does. I've managed to forget. Thank Bog. Don't see this, or your future and past is, to some extent, forever lost.

  • The Reflektor Tapes (2015) - IMDb 3/10

    2015-09-25 20:29
    * * *

    This is a really fragmented, non-chronological documentary where there are sketches of beauty thrown in between muddled attempts to follow a band that is in search of the sound for what turned out to become their album, "Reflektor". This is not a complete attempt, and it is, at times, very annoying, but at its best, where the live shows are concerned, it's good. But it's very forgettable. It doesn't really show the band in-depth.


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The scare of and from the afraid


While discussing a recent sentencing of three boys who raped a 23-year-old woman in Stockholm, a face-to-face conversation turned interesting.

One person spoke of “Moroccan boys”, as the offenders.

Another felt the need to note that they were “North-African”.

They didn’t know the possible origins of the boys.

Some who partook in the discussion were angered over the “low sentencing”. None mentioned the fact that the court viewed the suspects as boys, and hence, they weren’t tried as adults, which would likely have resulted in harsher sentences.

One issue for the court, is that the sentenced persons were young street urchins. Hence, one could not surmise their true age. One is not even sure if they knew their true age. Regardless, it’s impossible for the legal system to find out, so they were sentenced with their age in mind.

It’s the law. That’s how it works.

I said so, and added that it’s unnecessary to surmise things, when facts are plainly available. Anything else would be falling into the hands of the same “reasoning” as the Sweden Democrats (sverigedemokraterna), a xenophobic party, currently in Swedish government.

Also, these boys were sentenced according to Swedish law. Don’t hate the player, hate the game1

The person who cared a lot about the geographic origins of the perpetrators added “they should be thrown out, just thrown out.”

I then tried to make the matter slightly more complex by asking said party whether their possible death, as a direct result of the boys being thrown out of Sweden and returned to a country from which they may have fled, could be something to change the matter.

“No! They should have thought about that before doing what they did! They deserve it! Cut their dicks off!”

It would be fair to note that said party was fired-up by feelings. Obvious to all.

Still, such violent passes merely forward thoughts to mortifying gasses.

I asked whether the person thought the same should be applied to people born in Sweden, to which I did not receive a reply.

After a short trial of reason, the person said “You and I don’t agree and that’s that, so I’m going, I’m just going”, to which I asked for a clarification. “No, I’ll just go, we won’t agree, we can’t agree”, and stepped away, voice louder by the step. “It’s a democracy, and you’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine.”

I acknowledged this, and spoke with those left to discuss with. I noted that we won’t have a democracy for long if the Sweden Democrats would take power, and–

The stepper returned, to say “I don’t like that you’re saying that I’m with the Sweden Democrats, you can say what you want, but–”

Even if I’d pointed out the marred logic of that line, this person deserved something different. I said that I hadn’t, and wasn’t trying to tie that person to said party, but was making another point entirely, which would have been heard if understanding was of consequence.

“You’re saying I’m with the Sweden Democrats, you have implied that before, and you’re saying that now, that’s what I’m feeling”.

Feeling. The same sentiment that made you presume the nationality of the boys. The same source of inflammatory gas against the unknown.

No, I added. I pointed out what I had said, and asked how the person knew what I’d meant when I wasn’t even allowed to finish my sentence.

Well, the person left.

Before anger? Feel it, don’t fight it, to paraphrase Primal Scream, would not be entirely right in this case…

Even though I felt quite bad after this dour exchange of words, which broke up most of the remaining group of persons willing to discuss things, it was needed. I won’t have xenophobic, untrue words slanted against persons, at the very least not against persons unable to defend themselves – while having prejudice propagated.

To quote Richard Pryor: “Fuck that shit.”

  1. Even if these boys actually did rape the victim, of which they are duly and rightly sentenced.[back]
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Om Sverige drabbades av en flyktingkatastrof motsvarande den i dagens Syrien

Jag tror att information som den ovanstående krävs för att få folk att tänka på andra – genom att tänka på sig själva. Men att leva solipsistiskt och egoistiskt är verkligen lika med att dra gränser om sitt egna tänkande, och därmed även lika med att sorligt och omfattande begränsa det.

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Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy demos from 2004!


So, Will and the gang (of Okkervil River) released some 11-year-old demos and diary recordings to the world yesterday!

“Black Sheep Boy: Early Drafts On The Road, 2004″: never-before-heard demos and rough drafts of these classic songs, recorded by Will on the road while the album was first starting to take shape. Also includes an audio “tour diary”…

Here’s an outtake from a diary part, culled from the interim that’s between “Black Sheep Boy” and “In a Radio Song“:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Some front-porch action from Baton Rouge, pot-smoking stories, cat-walking, wild strawberries…it’s as if Mayakovsky got high with Ingmar Bergman, I’m telling you. And it’s dreamy. I love the harp part, merging into the song “Black Sheep Boy“…

Buy that stuff – including a limited-edition hand-made letterpress print of original art by Will Sheff (as seen above), showing his re-interpretation of William Schaff’s classic “Black Sheep Boy” cover – from here.

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