“Kvantfysik” och kritik


Jag brukar inte gilla den form av drev som uppstår mot personer som vetenskapsmässigt uttalar sig vansinnigt; exempelvis avskyr jag (numer) hur Richard Dawkins svans ger sig på religiösa människor1, men när ett par personer som Titti Nordieng och Mikael Säflund, författare av “Livet med kvantfysiska glasögon”, en bästsäljande bok, totalt förvränger vetenskap och ger vansinniga råd till folk är det fan dags att sätta ned foten.

Tack och lov har ett flertal vettiga personer uttalat sig i denna artikel i DN, men det stora humorpriset går till samlad trupp nedan.

  1. …men inte verkar bry sig om hans antifeministiska sätt.[back]
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Movies I've watched recently:

  • Leap Year (2010) - IMDb 1/10

    2016-07-31 21:32

    Complete. Waste. Of. Life.

  • Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret... 8/10

    2016-07-31 17:33
    * * * * * * * *

    A sane, eye-opening view on how the production of farm animals for slaughter and food is the greatest threat to global climate, and why very few people are conversing about the issue.

  • Hardcore Henry (2015) - IMDb 1/10

    2016-05-28 10:36

    The trailer for this film doesn't spoil anything: it tells almost everything about this film, which (surprise) doesn't pass the Bechdel test. Read my entire review here: http://niklasblog.com/?p=19111

  • Johan Falk: Vapenbröder (Video 2009) - IMDb 1/10

    2016-04-21 13:44

    This film is actually worse than the first one, leaving no care behind; actually, if "no care left behind" would be the title, I'd given it higher grade out from courtesy. There's just nothing in here, not even anything little that aids or progresses action, for the sake of action. Even tipping a jar of paint onto the street would be more actionable and less questionable, than anything that goes on in this film.

  • Johan Falk: GSI - Gruppen för särskilda... 2/10

    2016-04-17 13:42
    * *

    What a heap of troubles. Sweden often combats crime; one may say it's "our" forté. Trouble is, the same actors adapt the same dour, sour stance when affronting the crimes perpetrated by other film-makers and actors, all from Sweden. It's a downward trajectory. Here, the biggest crime is courtesy of Jacob Eklund, who would not be able to act his way out of a paper bag; he's far too lackadaisical and apathetic to be a lead guy, and his character's simply not believable. This story is somewhat interesting as one specific criminal quickly proves to be an informant for the police. That's about it, really. The action is questionable as I kept looking at my wall behind the TV at times, for more exciting stuff; I'm not exaggerating when writing it. Fingers crossed for more excitement.


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Radiohead – the secrets of “Daydreaming”


From the video page on Vimeo:

A video essay exploring the many hidden secrets in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new Radiohead music video: “Daydreaming.”
Written, narrated, and edited by Rishi Kaneria (@rishikaneria).

The ideas in this film have been gathered from various online sources and fan theories and synthesized with the author’s own personal interpretation and observations.

Talk about many theories! I mean, just the fact of Thom Yorke having broken up from his girlfriend after 23 years together, and his walking through 23 doors in the video… I wonder how many of these theories are intentional.

Thanks to Johan for the tip!

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NSA are hacked: Edward Snowden comments


From The Daily Dot:

The hacking world’s attention was captivated Monday morning when a group called the Shadow Brokers claimed to have hacked the National Security Agency’s Equation Group, a team of American hackers that have been described as both “omnipotent” and “the most advanced” threat cyberspace has ever seen.

While ranting against “wealthy elites,” the Shadow Brokers are now auctioning off what they claim to be a small but incredibly potent set of Equation Group’s cyberweapons to the highest bidder.

Now, Edward Snowden has analysed and commented this briefly:

Yeah, people are lazy and silly, and NSA could have left their tools behind. Tools that are now being auctioned off to the highest seller, much like any arms-sale around the world. If the NSA have any sense, they’ve risk-assessed this could have happened ages ago, and are already bullet-proof against any kinds of repercussions. Well, let’s just see.

The most important thing about this entire deal is to remember that your government doesn’t necessarily like you, spies on you and basically condones espionage: is this what we want or need?

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“A Taste Of Honey”: remastered by Criterion


I try not to write reissued, repackaged, repackaged.

Anyway, Criterion are re-releasing this classic film in a week!

Even though I’ve written more on how Shelagh Delaney – who wrote the play that the film is firmly based on – affected Morrissey/The Smiths here, I will leave you with a quote of his:

‘A Taste of Honey’ was a sentiment that had not been expressed before its time – far more real than life.
It was the Salford of sagging roofs, rag and bone men, walk-up flats, derelict sites, rear-entrance buses, and life in tight circumstances.

Check this out:

Has life ever been depicted as alive?

Ah love yeh. Cus’ you’re daft.

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