Lauren Bacall should have turned 90 years old today

Lauren and Humphrey

Lauren Bacall should have turned 90 years old today, but she is gone. From her autobiography, to cheer us up:

Cole Porter’s song ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ was on the Hit Parade and Bogie’s first wire to me said, ‘Please fence me in Baby – the world’s too big out here and I don’t like it without you.’ No one has ever written a romance better than we lived it.

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Movies I've watched recently:

  • Boyhood (2014) - IMDb 9/10

    2014-09-26 22:49
    * * * * * * * * *

    Forget the fact that this film spans 12 years. Know this: it's a human, straight-forward story about a boy growing up, his family, his passions, being lackadaisical, finding out what he wants in life, as he is subjected to all kinds of wants, likes and you-don'ts by his divorced parents, his teachers, friends and others. Watching this reactivated my sense of how much you were told what to do, where to be, what to think as you were little, especially by adults, even if they are completely wrong and/or don't know what they're doing. The times when Mason is silent and other people practically invent what they believe he thinks, are, to me, the most astounding ones. Peoples' projections are often little fables onto themselves, but it's sad to see them overshadowing the real thoughts of youths. Linklater is, as usual, worthy of rewards for this script. It's well-written, and apart from a few clichés that don't really work in my eyes and are quite vulgar, this film is as close as you can get to the work of Antonioni - notably in "L'Avventura" - and Steve McQueen - notably in "Shame" - without becoming stocky and unpopular. This film is popular, and I think part of its appeal is because it's universal; I think anyone can see this and love it from a variety of angles and get something different out of it with every viewing. I loved Austin (the city) in this film. I really loved how some scenes were directed, e.g. the one with abuse in a garage. The music is atypical of the time and is not there to impress nor interfere. All in all: a very well-made film with very good acting. Two-and-a-half hours flowed past as though the film was an hour shorter. Sublime.

  • Frank (2014) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-09-22 20:48
    * * * * * * *

    This is a funny and sad film that uses the main character, Jon, a boy who's grown up in a little town and dreams of escape, as a kind of rock while quasi-chaos reigns around him, mainly as controlled by Frank, the leader of a band that is beyond the experimental. This film, for me, displays what happens when you're really not being true to yourself, when you're mainly trying to cater to others without a care for what you truly believe in, and when you really don't care about the opinions of those that should be close to you. Interesting soundtrack, well directed, acted and written, this is a simple, lovely indie film that deserves attention.

  • De ofrivilliga (2008) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-09-20 17:49
    * * * * * * *

    This is a very human film, where a number of different stories all meet. In a way, it is a film where the Swedish condition overpowers the human one; Swedes are well-known for not wanting to seem "out of the ordinary", so much that everything "normal" is perverted by the will to stay inside the box and not make any noise; the very first scene in the film is a kind of metaphor for that, and the rest of the film also. At the same time, I see this film as a kind of way to show that the obscure and involuntary can be normalised as well, which is displayed beautifully; the cinematography rarely - if ever - involves a moving camera, which has plagued much of modern Swedish cinema. Some of the acting is sublime and just torturously good, as with the two main young girls, the teacher and "the macho guys". The scripts complements all of this, wonderfully. This is a film that, when at its best, touches on the sublime. At its worst, it's wavering, but that's really beyond the point. This is a mostly beautiful film on the selections we tend to make today. I recommend it.

  • Key Largo (1948) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-09-07 21:16
    * * * * * * *

    Exciting but at the same time lacking in atmosphere and depth; almost entirely held up by Robinson and Bogart, I wish Bacall were more in the film, as well as this would have been a greater success, had this theatre-to-film been translated better, as with Olivier/Caine's performances in "Sleuth". There are some apparent hits here though. It's always lovely to see Bogart/Bacall, and Robinson's psychopathic traits shine through wonderfully at times. I liked the ending and on the whole, it's a good film, but really it's got nothing on films like "The Big Sleep" and "To Have And Have Not".

  • Young & Beautiful (2013) - IMDb 7/10

    2014-08-10 20:42
    * * * * * * *

    This film is quite beautiful in more than one way. It weirdly reminds me of what Marilyn Manson said when interviewed in "Bowling For Columbine", when Michael Moore asked him what he'd say to the kids at Columbine or the people in that community: "I wouldn't say a single word to them. I would listen to what they have to say, and that's what no one did." Isabelle is the lead character in this film and as such, she leads. But not as much by talking constantly or doing a lot of extravagant stuff, as in most Hollywood-esque films; of course, Ozon's films aren't really Hollywood, thank Bog. She does as she pleases, and we're left to ponder her inner life, which is not spelled out to us. Her family life is interesting, especially where her mother and brother are concerned. Speaking of which, most of her relations with other people are interesting and her "reactions" to them left me interested a little longer. The scene where the bridge-with-the-locks is, to me, the least interesting and left a schmaltzy and redundant impression, yet all in all, the film works. Not one of Ozon's best, but definitely not one of his worst, and compared with other directors' works, this is a vital shot in the arm.


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Christoffer Dulny avgår – eftertankar

BSS och Sverigedemokraterna

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Is the identity of Jack The Ripper revealed?

Dear Boss

I’m not convinced. I really want to be convinced, but…according to the horrid tabloid named The Daily Mail, the Ripper is Aaron Kosminski. Well. Until an independent source says yes, I’ll try to stay reserved. From the linked article:

Russell Edwards recently bought a shawl allegedly tied to one of the killings. After DNA testing, the shawl was shown not only to have the victim’s blood on it but also semen from the alleged perpetrator, hairdresser Aaron Kosminski.

But I’m still really interested in this. It’s not as though Patricia Cornwell cracked this, neither was he James Maybrick – I think. Until we know more, it’s in the air.

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