We Can’t Do It: TV om utmattningssyndrom – se den!

SVT Edit har gjort “We Can’t Do It!” tillgänglig för alla.

Serien är gjord av Fanna Ndow Norrby som är mest känd som den som startade instagramkontot “Svart kvinna” och podden “RASERIET“.

I den här serien diskuteras utmattningssyndrom, vilka de är, varför det händer så många fler kvinnor än män, och hur det går att motstå i en värld där vi nuförtiden utsätts för långt fler distraktionsmoment än någonsin, och gränserna mellan jobb och fritid suddas ut för många.

Själv har jag varit utmattningsutslagen två gånger. Första gången var när jag var ensam IT-tekniker och -administratör på en organisation; jag jobbade ständigt, och brukade sitta och gråta i en kulvert när jag inte orkade längre. När den andra gången slog till kunde jag inte ens forma ord, och visste knappt var jag var, eller vem jag var – så var det för mig. Det blev bättre, men sanningen är att för de flesta som varit med om att bli allvarligt utslagna av utmattning, är de efter 10 år fortfarande inte helt fullt återställda.

Det känns intelligent, friskt och modigt att se unga kvinnor stå och prata i den här dokumentären, där de berättar om hur glada de var att få så mycket ansvar, känna sig betydelsefulla, vilja leva upp till myten om att vara en “duktig tjej” som alltid ställde upp, och som svarade i telefon mitt i natten, som besvarade jobbmejl via Facebook, mess till privatmobilen. Och som alla en dag slogs så hårt av verkligheten, att de sjukskrevs.

Se dokumentärserien. Den är kort, koncis och oerhört nyktrande. Den borde vara obligatorisk att se för alla, för att väcka diskussioner om vad som faktiskt är värt här i livet, eller åtminstone på arbetsplatsen, för att kunna leva ett drägligt, och njutbart liv.

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  • Best F(r)iends (2017) - IMDb 5/10

    2017-10-11 19:42
    * * * * *

    I saw an unfinished screener of this film, which divulged a work in progress that I nevertheless think will not be far from the finished product. Sestero plays the lead as a vagrant man, whose past leads him to convince a mortician, as played by Wiseau, to give him employment. Even though the plot is unclear and thin, the references to the film "The Room" and Wiseau's wonderfully weird acting brings this film some kind of life, Sestero's uncharismatic portrayal and the loose direction, the poor screenplay and some strange casting choices makes for a somewhat entertaining and funny, but ultimately forgetful film. Sestero told me the follow-up will probably be made in 2018.

  • Death Note (2017) - IMDb 2/10

    2017-08-28 08:20
    * *

    This remake of a near-perfect manga series, which has in turn spawned films, is now here and presented by Netflix. It starts out like a teen-angst emo trip, paired with death. Ryuk, a much-beloved character in the manga, is a Death God, who drops a notebook onto Earth. The book allows its owner to write the name of somebody and the person subsequently dies. However, there are loads of rules and caveats surrounding its use. This version is quite like "Hunger Games" was a version of "Battle Royale"; I can recall somebody saying that "Hunger Games" was "Battle Royale with cheese", which is an apt description for this version of "Death Note" as well. While the manga and prior films both contained elements that made the Sherlock Holmes short stories and novels successful through thinking and wondrous twists and turns, this film does not contain anything in the least good, apart from how the film makers opted to not display the character Ryuk much, other than in shadows. Lakeith Stanfield's acting is the only saving grace in this film, albeit short and boxed within its severe constraints (as it should be, I think). All in all: expect a high-school special without intelligence, and you will be alright.

  • Manchester by the Sea (2016) - IMDb 3/10

    2017-04-16 15:28
    * * *

    Just because the film naturally carries a containment of sorrow and gloom, it does not explain its complete dreariness. It's got bits of chronological experimentation and nice views of the sea, but otherwise, this is forgettable. See Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm" instead.

  • Fifty Shades Darker (2017) - IMDb 1/10

    2017-04-15 18:28

    I actually thought this film would not be as bad as the first one, but obviously, I was wrong. This is overwrought in no sense of the word, and if it were human, it would be incarcerated indefinitely. This film actually violates basic human rights in ways the first one didn't, so I guess that's what this new version brings to viewers. In no way is this erotic, interesting, or entertaining. The people involved in this should look themselves in the mirror and not make a third film, which _will_ be made.

  • T2 Trainspotting (2017) - IMDb 6/10

    2017-02-22 22:58
    * * * * * *

    This is more a film, I think, which is about aging and repeating your past than anything else. Sure, the characters are older, but I cringe a lot as Boyle has chosen to have them repeat some of their "fave lines" from the first film, 21 years later, for no apparent reason. The slow parts move best, for example, where Renton visits his father, despite that one being sappy. The "new girl", basically a Renton, doesn't bring much to the table. However, Robbie Carlyle steals the show; where Ewen Bremner's "Spud" previously did, by being a comedic maestro with his movements and druggy cadence, he is now converted into a caricature of himself - and yes, I am aware that druggies who have been on dope for more than two decades tend to turn into caricatures in more ways than one - while Begbie offers more. A lot more. Carlyle's acting is so strong that even Begbie's most obvious characteristics - e.g. as displayed where his son stands up against him by wanting to go to college to learn hotel management instead of joining his dad in a life of crime - turn interesting. He's a tour de force. Still, while this film is interesting and entertaining, it is too much of a parody of itself to become a truly interesting introspective. And the plot turn at the end was really a bit too tell-tale and boring to me.


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