The very end of that video—from approximately 03:00 in—shouts hold up, in a very respectful and frank way. I wish to have that frame of mind.

The above meet partly resulted in this article, by Carr:, by Vice Magazine, Takes Brash Videos Mainstream

Yet there they were, Shane Smith, one of the company’s founders, and the creative director Eddy Moretti clicking on the next slide at their corporate event in a bar on 6th Street in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn, the hippest street in the hottest neighborhood in the coolest borough …

Carr’s way of punching his poor computer is just wonderful; I laughed when I saw this video yesterday, for the first time in a few years, as I remembered Erin Lee Carr’s All that You Leave Behind.

That book, by her, is stupefyingly good. Her dad wrote The Night of the Gun, which is a marvellous autobiography, mainly about his drug abuse, but also about his parenthood and other kinds of relationships.

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